Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Quick Hit: Wei-Yin Chen is off the Board… Now What?

Let the snowballing begin? Wei-Yin Chen is off the board to the Miami Marlins on a five-year deal with an option for a sixth year as Chen looks to lead Miami back to the Promised Land. Chen will now pair up with Jose Fernandez and that young core of players down in Miami that struggled so mightily in 2015 and will look to anchor a rotation that can compete in the AL East. Miami struck the big deal but what does this mean for the rest of the league and specifically the Yankees? A lot actually.

The top starting pitcher is off the board now and all that’s left is what I like to call, and no disrespect intended here, bargain basement pitching. What does it mean for the Yankees? It means if they want a Doug Fister or Tim Lincecum his price tag just went up but at the same time you would have to think that Ivan Nova’s did as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean the Yankees will sign Fister or trade Nova but the likelihood definitely increased with this move.

This also means, officially, that Chen will not head back to Baltimore or Boston or anyone that can really hurt the Yankees in 2015. The dominos should now begin to fall as the interested teams list gets narrower not only for pitching but for all prospects. We needed a big domino to fall and it just did in Chen.


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