Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ken Griffey, the Hall of Fame & the New York Yankees

Ken Griffey Jr. is in the Hall of Fame, waiting on the announcement is merely a formality at this point. Just elect the guy, he played in the steroid era but never had any allegations against him and he was the best player in the league for quite a few number of years. As a Yankees fan I was quite happy to see Griffey head to the National League and the Cincinnati Reds later on in his career and I was more happy to see him retire. Griffey killed the Yankees as most of the Seattle Mariners did at that time so I thought I would bring up that painful reminder of what he did against the Yankees in his career and what he did inside Yankee Stadium as a way to honor the Hall of Fame center fielder.

Cringe, then enjoy. 

Griffey Jr. vs. the Yankees:
New York Yankees1335721011562636102146286.311.392.595.987

Griffey Jr. inside Yankee Stadium:
NYY-Yankee Stad6527845768195382142.300.360.565.925
NYY-Yankee Stad32912011011.250.333.625.958

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