Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The "Andrew Bailey" MiLB Deal for Greg Holland

The New York Yankees have never been afraid to take a chance on an injured or aging veteran pitcher in hopes of getting a little lightning in a bottle out of them. We've seen it many times and a few examples of this are the Aaron Small signing, the Bartolo Colon signing, the Freddy Garcia signing and others and New York most recently did it with former Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics closer Andrew Bailey. Bailey was signed with the thought that he would not pitch in the first season of his deal but would presumably be ready for the second year, why wouldn't that work with former Royals closer Greg Holland?

Holland will miss the entire 2016 season recovering from Tommy John surgery and will attempt his comeback during the 2017 season. Holland is a free agent currently and may be looking for one of those two year minor league deals we have been seeing over the years. Why can't the team that gives Holland that deal be the Yankees?

The Yankees love having a super bullpen and they had one in 2015 with Justin Wilson, Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller and look to have one in 2016 as well with the trade of Wilson and the acquisition of Aroldis Chapman. What about the 2017 season after Chapman presumably leaves via free agency? Holland could step into the 7th or 8th inning, eventually, for the Yankees while Miller slides back into the 9th inning role for New York.

Even with a growing tear in his right throwing elbow Holland had 32 saves as we entered September of 2015 after refusing to get an MRI or sit down during the season. Holland is a gamer and a champion and wanted to be a part of the first World Series championship team in Kansas City in 30 years. Would he be worth the wait? Absolutely, especially if he comes back from the Tommy John surgery throwing darts the way he did in 2015 and 2014.  Will the Yankees do it? Who knows, but if Holland is willing then they should.


  1. I think the Yankees would go for it, I would take the chance...well I don't think it is much of a gamble. Holland is a gamer, and a stand-up guy...if he can bounce back we would have a very good BP pitcher on our hands, that is for sure. The type of player I tend to gravitate to...Tough mentally and physically. Besides he can see the BP we will have in 2017...unless Miller resigns, or a couple of the guys we have can fill the 7th/8th better. We do have a few guys that come with high-octane heat but don't have the C&C he had.

    1. I'm actually surprised he hasn't signed yet unless he is going to play the "Kansas City or bust" card and is just waiting it out for financial exploitation and reasons.

  2. CESPEDES a Yankee ?..Don't leap on me yet !

    Who's to say the Yankees won't jump in at the last minute, and grab
    this guy. It's happened before.
    Where does he play ? CF-LF. Will not play RF.
    But his salary is toooo big. Trade Gardner, and the first few years
    will be very palatable. Love Gardner, but do a trade now, he has value.
    Now you have a power LF, with an elite arm.

    Gets better...if this goes down, thousands of Mets fans will throw themselves in front of a subway. They don't understand why Cespedes
    can not be obtained for a one year contact. It's their right.
    They should all croak.

    1. Hard to imagine the Yankees getting involved with the price already set at $100 million by Washington.

      And hey the Mets are geniuses, they are now offering a three year deal with an opt-out clause after the first year. Because they are geniuses.


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