Thursday, February 25, 2016

2016 Pre-season Top 30 Yankees Prospects (via The Bronx Empire)

by: Ben Embry from The Bronx

Ladies and gentlemen, it's prospect season!  And every high profile baseball publication/website is in the process of issuing their Top 100 overall and top 10 system rankings.  I like to publish my own and have been doing so for the past few seasons.  Before I reveal my top 30 prospects in the Yankees system let me make this disclaimer: I'm not a scout, nor am I pretending to be one.  These rankings do not reflect my personal opinion but rather the collective opinions of publications like Baseball America and ESPN as well as other blogs dedicated to the Yankees such as River Ave Blues and Bronx Baseball Daily.  My only involvement is doing a weighted average of the source material.  Without further delay, here's the top 30 prospects in the Yankees farm system:

1Aaron JudgeRF1992
2Jorge MateoSS1995
3Gary SanchezC1992
4James KaprielianSP1994
5Wilkerman GarciaSS/3B1998
6Domingo AcevedoSP1994
7Dustin FowlerCF/RF1994
8Rob Refsnyder2B/LF1991
9Ian ClarkinSP1995
10Tyler WadeSS1994
11Jacob LindgrenRP1993
12Drew FinleySP1996
13Brady LailSP1993
14Miguel Andujar3B1995
15Luis TorrensC1996
16Mason WilliamsCF1991
17Hoy-Jun ParkSS1996
18Slade HeathcottCF1990
19Luis CessaRP1992
20Kyle HolderSS1994
21Abiatal AvelinoSS/2B1995
22Ben GamelRF1992
23Thairo EstradaSS1996
24Trey AmburgeyOF1994
25Jordan MontgomerySP1992
26Leonardo MolinaCF1997
27Jeff DeganoSP1992
28Chance AdamsRP1994
29Dermis Garcia3B1998
30Austin DeCarrSP1995

I tend to agree with this board and in fact the first 6 picks match what I ended up with last Fall. I was way low on Fowler, which happens every year in some way or another. Sometimes when you're reading the tea leaves you just mis-interpret how well guys are liked or not liked. I thought two years ago the industry was relatively high on Jaron Long and ranked him 30th in my postseason rankings. Then the pundits weighed in and it was clear that was nowhere close.

I also do separate rankings for hitters and pitchers, which can be found here. First the hitters:

1Aaron JudgeRF1992
2Jorge MateoSS1995
3Gary SanchezC1992
4Wilkerman GarciaSS/3B1998
5Dustin FowlerCF/RF1994
6Rob Refsnyder2B/LF1991
7Tyler WadeSS1994
8Miguel Andujar3B1995
9Luis TorrensC1996
10Mason WilliamsCF1991
11Hoy-Jun ParkSS1996
12Slade HeathcottCF1990
13Kyle HolderSS1994
14Abiatal AvelinoSS/2B1995
15Ben GamelRF1992
16Thairo EstradaSS1996
17Trey AmburgeyOF1994
18Leonardo MolinaCF1997
19Dermis Garcia3B1998
20Jhalan JacksonOF1993
21Juan de LeonCF/RF1998
22Nelson Gomez3B1997
23Tyler AustinRF/1B1991
24Miguel FlamesC/3B1997
25Diego CastilloSS/2B1997
26Brayan EmeryRF1998
27Donny Sands3B1996
28Carlos VidalLF1995
29Angel AguilarSS/3B1995
30Alexander PalmaRF1995

And now, the pitchers:

1James KaprielianSP1994
2Domingo AcevedoSP1994
3Ian ClarkinSP1995
4Jacob LindgrenRP1993
5Drew FinleySP1996
6Brady LailSP1993
7Luis CessaRP1992
8Jordan MontgomerySP1992
9Jeff DeganoSP1992
10Chance AdamsRP1994
11Austin DeCarrSP1995
12Domingo GermanSP1992
13Cale CoshowSP/RP1992
14Ty HensleySP1993
15James PazosRP1991
16Nick RumbelowRP1991
17Jonathan HolderSP1993
18Jordan FoleySP/RP1993
19Chaz HebertSP1992
20Nestor CortesSP/RP1994
21Vicente CamposSP/RP1992
22Caleb SmithSP/RP1991
23Johnny BarbatoRP1992
24Nick GoodyRP1991
25Tyler WebbRP1990
26Simon de la RosaSP1993
27Josh RogersSP1994
28Gilmael TroyaSP/RP1997
29Alexander VargasSP1997
30Luis CedenoSP/RP1994

Any thoughts? Let me know at @thebronxempire on Twitter. I love the conversation. Have a good day!


  1. No love for Jaren Long or Miguel Sulbaren? I know they both struggled a little at the AAA level in their first trip, but were very effective at AA. Plus, Long had an excellent trip through his winter league.

  2. Jeff...Thanks for the heads up!
    I must admit I have not read anything of those two players. IF you think they are someone to watch, I shell make an effort to look into them. I like to get behind a good player that others write off for one reason or another, like they did with Cisco and Brett.
    I also think the two over rated players are Dustin Fowler and Ben Gamel but, I have been wrong before. Just my opinion!

    1. Both Dustin and Ben have had great numbers but in a small sample. As with Miguel and Jaren, let's see what they do this year...hopefully very well.

    2. I think the problem with Long and Sulbaran is that their ceilings are not that high. They may turn into usable MLB pieces, or they may not, but they are not projected to be #1 - #3 starters. Those guys can be solid in the minors but don't tend to sit highly on most prospect lists.

      If it were just starting pitchers on the list I think we see Sulbaran and Long though, not with the relievers though.

  3. Actually, I went back and checked. Sulbaren made only 1 appearance at AAA, and went five innings without giving up a run. He did scuffle a little in AA, but give him a little credit. He was only 21. Long on the other hand, might be very underrated. He's pitched well at every level he's been except AAA. But again, give him a little credit. It was his first trip there.

    1. Yes Jeff I checked them out myself and see that they demand more attention than they are getting. We shall see how they do this year.


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