Thursday, February 25, 2016

Quick Hit: Don Mattingly, Marlins Channeling Their Inner Yankee

The New York Yankees are one of the few franchises in the four major sports in North American and one of the few Major League Baseball franchises that actually ban facial hair on their players. I say one of the few and not the only franchise because a new team is joining the fray for 2016, the Miami Marlins. Former Yankees first baseman Don Mattingly is the new manager of the Miami Marlins and he is bringing some of his “Yankee” with him.

Obviously this is a first for the Marlins and a first for Mattingly as a manager, the Los Angeles Dodgers did not choose to enact to facial hair ban while he was managing there. Manny Ramirez thanks you for it too. Now truth be told this is probably an organizational call and Mattingly is just the one enforcing it but still, most places won’t report it as such and Mattingly will get the brunt of the blame.

Facial hair or no facial hair the Marlins head into 2016 looking for their first winning season since the 2009 season and their first trip to the playoffs since their World Series victory in 2003. Whatever works, right?


  1. THE QUESTION IS....Is Robert Refsnyder an endangered species ?

    Those who post at this site are enamored by him, as am I.

    He should get a real chance, because if not he will get away, and come back to bite you in the ass.......That is my take.

    Robert Refsnyder is an endangered Yankee. All the doors are closing on him. As though he is incapable of even the simplest of baseball tasks.
    Too bad.

    1. Yes, it is and the sad part is that is what happens when you have so many talented players on the team. It seems they want a very good defender with a .225 Avg. and no power over a guy that can learn the position and give you about .275/.285 with a bit of power. Hell, we got by ok with a good hit, ok glove before on the infield. I just like the underdog I guess, they always seem to help the team by doing the right things at the right time. Many of our past players were too interested in records rather than laying down a sac bunt to move a guy over.

    2. OLD REED....
      For the 326th time, I agree with you again.
      Such a talent, you are.

    3. Such and Irishman you are is almost time to start ragging on Daniel for the people he thinks will be up north at the start of the season, don't you think?

    4. OLD REED...Daniel must know something about an upcoming
      38 man roster, that we are unaware of.

      My montra since last September...Trade Gardner, and a attractive
      young bunch of talent, for a top notch young pitcher.
      Trade Ellsbury, and if you do....thank God.

    5. You can rag on me, I can take it. Work has ragged on me for weeks now, hence my absence. For that I apologize. I think things are getting back to normal now. I'm not gone.

    6. Nice of you to show up on your own Blog Daniel!
      I guess this is the start of your busy season isn't it?
      We missed you !

    7. It'd been a snowball. I do a lot of my writing at work, when I have to work at work I cant write. When my kids go to bed I write, when I'm done I don't want to comment. Rinse repeat recycle. I think I'm back though.

    8. Don't forget the family Daniel, they are as they are now and tomarrow they are gone with their own family. Happy to see you back!


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