Friday, February 5, 2016

Fantasy Baseball: Who are the Oakland Athletics?

Just because it’s Prospects Month here on the blog doesn’t mean we’re going to abandon Fantasy Baseball and the goal of winning your fantasy league altogether. Instead we’ll simply just refocus our efforts and give it a prospect or young player twist much like we did with our New York Yankees post. The goal is to still help you win your league and dominate the later rounds of your fantasy draft so rest assured, we’re still here. 

With that in mind we will not be talking about Sonny Gray or Sean Doolittle in this post and we likely won’t talk too much about new arrivals Jed Lowrie, Yonder Alonso and Rich Hill. Instead we will focus on the younger guys that may not be household names yet outside of many Oakland based homes. That player list includes outfielder Billy Burns, Mark Canha and Henderson Alvarez. 

Burns is an outfielder that will likely get the everyday starting job for the Oakland A’s. The Athletics need an everyday center fielder to replace Coco Crisp and Burns seems to be that guy after a strong 2015 campaign. Burns hit .294 with 25 stolen bases and 70 runs scored in 125 games last season and can add a high runs scored total, batting average and stolen base total to your team very late in the draft. If you reach the 20th round or so and he’s still there it may be in your best interest to grab him. 

Another name you may not know from the Oakland A’s is Mark Canha. Canha is not likely to have a starting job when the team breaks camp this season but he should still get plenty of opportunities throughout the year. Canha is listed as a first baseman and the backup to Yonder Alonso and is also listed as an outfielder. This is especially important as the A’s search for a suitable backup to injury-prone left fielder Coco Crisp. Canha will be the first out of the trenches and into the field if and when Crisp goes down. Keep him in your queue just in case.

Finally we have Henderson Alvarez was acquired this offseason after the Miami Marlins cut ties with their former farm hand. Alvarez is a big question mark heading into the season after tearing a muscle in his shoulder and undergoing a serious surgery on it. Alvarez will not be ready on Opening Day and may not be ready at all in 2016, although he is expected to be, but he is still a name that should be on your watch list. Alvarez was an All-Star for Miami in the last season he pitched in 2014 and the talent is there as long as his shoulder allows it to be.

So there you have it, three Oakland Athletics prospects and/or young players that can help you win your Fantasy Baseball league’s this spring. Hope the information helps and if it did feel free to share this and any of my fantasy posts to help out others as well. Thanks!

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