Friday, February 26, 2016

Quick Hit: Is Jose Bautista Kind of Being a D-Bag?

A little quick hit, primer and nugget for you this morning to start your day with and it’s not necessarily Yankees related directly. Jose Bautista told reporters this week that he has met with the Toronto Blue Jays management and organization over a potential contract extension this winter and has basically, in not so many words, said that this is the contract he will sign and there will be zero negotiation about it. Now I understand doing what you have to do to take care of you and your own but this almost seems like it has the potential to burn a bridge and it look like it’s the organization’s fault when truly Bautista is kind of coming off as an arrogant d-bag. IN MY OPINION.

The term “d-bag” may be incorrectly used here and may be used more for emphasis, again I get that he is trying to future proof not only his life but his family’s life and I can respect that, as I use the term loosely but the fact remains that he is kind of being a jerk. AGAIN IN MY OPINION. When I read quotes like the below I don’t exactly think “class.” What do you think? Leave your comments below in the comments section or tweet us @GreedyStripes.

"I don't think there should be any negotiations. I think I've proved myself, and the question has been asked — what will it take — and I've given them an answer," Bautista said. "I'm not going to sit here and try to bargain for a couple dollars."

Fair enough. No real comments out of line here. Keep reading though, it gets better.

"I think they know and realize the things that I say and agree with me. It's just a matter of, are they willing to go there?" Bautista said. "And it's not just necessarily Ross and Mark. I can't say that, I don't know. Some of that decision making, of a contract the size that I presented, has to come from ownership."

So if they have to go to ownership he’s going to want at least a nine-digit contract. That’s the way I personally read it, I by no means have a crystal ball, ESP or an inside source. He wants $150 million on a five-year deal is what's being circulated though.

"In a publicly traded company [Rogers Communication who owns the Blue Jays], everybody can track their performance fairly easy. It's not a secret. It's out in the public," Bautista said. "Stock prices are monitored very closely by the whole financial world, and I think there is a direct correlation with the success of their earnings-per-share after we start experiencing success. Are they going to put it out in the media and say because of the Jays, we made all this money? No. But everybody can read between the lines."

Pretty sure they were successful before your success but hey, you make the money you deserve some of it back. I feel like he is a bit out of line even mentioning it but hey, I’m a bias Yankees fan who hates all things Toronto according to some so what do I know.

"That doesn't exist. Not in my world," Bautista said. "In my eyes, I've given this organization a five-year hometown discount already."

Yes he has… but still…. You don’t HAVE to say everything that comes to your mind. Keep it to yourself, especially this early on in the year. This will linger in the clubhouse all season long not only with reporters but with teammates as well.

"I didn't want to waste their time or their effort, so they can start planning ahead, and if it's not going to happen, they have plenty of time to do so," Bautista said. "They asked me about two weeks ago, and I told them, and that's it. There's no negotiation. I told them what I wanted. They either meet it, or it is what it is."

No negotiation. Toronto vs. Everybody? Nope, Jose Bautista vs. Toronto. Check back and see who wins!


  1. Blue Jays fan here. Bautista has no right saying Rogers "can afford it". Rogers mobile business has ZERO to do with operations of the Blue Jays. Can the "Blue Jays Organization" afford to pay him this figure he feels he deserves. Probably, but not without handcuffing the future. Grow up Bautista.

    1. I think that would go under the famous "Done That and been There" category as the Yankees have been there and done that a few too many times. Wise men learn from others mistakes!

    2. Rogers Communications owns the Blue Jays so it's six of one and half a dozen of the other. No he shouldn't have said it and no Rogers Communication is not going to rob Peter to pay Paul with Peter being another aspect of the company and Paul being Bautista. I agree with you.

      Feel free to stick around unknown, we're nice to everyone. Even Blue Jays fans lol.

  2. I don't lose sleep over the guys like him when they cry about needing more money to play for a team...or else! He has made (counting 2016) over $85,000,000 for playing a kids game, albeit very well I might add, but to put your team in the same situation we have had with two of our players is not the way to go.
    We had one opt-out of his contract for more money/longer contract and one went to the press with his contract...anyway, you look at it there was no class in their case and none in Joses' case. The "I have to take care of my family" is just non-sense. Keep your mouth shut and ask whatever one wants, I am sure they would be fair and if not go somewhere else that will pay more.
    Whatever happened to the "Team first" or "There is No I in team"? Just goes to show how out of date I am, and how egos can get in the way of common sense!

    See what happens when I get real bored, no snow to shovel or lawns to mow.

    1. Joey Bats was a leader in the Blue Jays clubhouse and organization. This is going to rub a lot of people wrong. Sure fans of his and Blue Jays fans as a whole may not have an issue with it but they should. He is setting it up to be him vs. the organization and if he doesn't get what he wants, delusional or not, then it's going to be the organizations fault and not his.

    2. Donaldson was the clubhouse leader last year in my opinion. It's the Stroman/Donaldson show now. Bautista will more than likely be traded at deadline for an Ace. Rental for Rental type deal. He's put Mark Shapiro in a situation knowing fans aren't supportive of the new President yet.

    3. You don't think the fans would revolt if Mr. Bat Flip was traded in July? Sure it would make a ton of sense for it to happen, and no I don't think Shapiro really cares because his loyalty isn't in Toronto, but I would truly be shocked if that happened.

    4. No, a lot of Toronto fans are tired of Bautista's attitude. He seems to always be whining about something ridiculous. His outfield play isn't what it used to be, his arm is good for about 20 throws a year. Good player, would be nice to have him around until retirement, but not at 25 million a year.

    5. Kind of reminds me of David Ortiz in a way. The Red Sox fans have to grow tired of his whining as well. He's a great player, and Joey is too (doesn't hurt that he follows me on Twitter) but his him vs. the world mentality is a bit annoying.


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