Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bloomberg: 1% Share of New York Yankees is For Sale!

According to Bloomberg you, anyone reading this, can be a part-owner in the New York Yankees for the low-low price of just $24 million. The team is worth anywhere from $2.75 billion to $3.25 billion depending on where you read and a minority owner is selling their share, 1% to be exact, on the open market right now. At this time it is not known who is selling their stake in the company but Hal Steinbrenner has once again shot down any rumors of it being anyone in the Steinbrenner family. The Steinbrenner’s are not selling the Yankees anytime soon. Hal’s lips to my blog.

Club 9 is the company handling the sale and for their paperwork purposes they have the team valued at $3 billion. The company then applies a 20% discount to the average cost per percent of the team’s value to come up with their $24 million price tag. Time to cash in your piggie banks Yankees family, let’s buy us some Yankees!

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