Sunday, March 6, 2016

Yankees Still “In” on Tim Lincecum

Earlier this winter we put up a blog post regarding Tim Lincecum, his throwing showcase he had scheduled for an undisclosed time in February and whether he would make sense for the New York Yankees. It’s now March and Spring Training is in full swing with Lincecum still sitting on the free agent market so I beg the question again, are the Yankees still in on Tim Lincecum? According to reports there is at least some interest in the man they call “The Freak.”

With CC Sabathia seemingly healthy in both the body and the mind and Ivan Nova in the second year removed from his Tommy John surgery there may not be room for Lincecum on the Yankees roster on paper but as we all know the games are not played on paper. Injuries will happen and so will funks or slumps. The Yankees know this and they will send scouts to watch Lincecum throw this month and are presumably interested in adding another question mark with a ton of talent into their starting rotation and onto their team in the 31-year old.

Lincecum is a huge risk but he has the potential to give you a huge reward. He has a like arm, he’s a competitor with loads of playoff and World Series experience and he’s a wonderful athlete that doubles as a good clubhouse presence. If healthy all 30 teams would like to add a Tim Lincecum at this point in the year. Lincecum has experience both in the bullpen and in the starting rotation, can you say Adam Warren replacement, and could be an impact player on a one-year deal. With these high reward potentials there are always risks, namely whether Lincecum and his surgically repaired hip can stay healthy. A big “if” until teams see him throw again this month.

I’m just speculating here, I have no inside information other than what’s reported. The Yankees are one of the 20 teams that have requested Lincecum’s medical information and they are one of the unreported number of teams that will watch him throw during his showcase so there is at least some sort of interest. Whether it’s due diligence or an extreme interest in beyond me but that can obviously change based on how he looks. If Lincecum looks good and healthy I could speculate that he could receive in upwards of $10 million plus incentives on a one-year deal and if he doesn’t look quite ready he may have to settle for a minor league deal with an opt-out date in June (just an example). Either way the Yankees may sign a major league free agent after all this offseason and that MLB free agent may be Tim Lincecum, stay tuned. 


  1. LINCECUM...Isn't this guy done? Big money for past deeds ?

    Looked better without the porn dumb mustache, but with long hair.

    My real point / question...this past week you had up tweets, or a
    post, regarding Jon Lester, and the Yankees.
    What was that about ?

    My busy season is almost upon me. I'm here, there, and everywhere.
    What is left of my cerebellum..needs an overhaul.

    1. I don't think I did, did I? Maybe one of those spammers commented on an old article, i don't remember. I have the "Reed" in my brain right now, I joke.

      Lincecum wouldn't be paid for past deeds. He wouldn't be paid at all unless he proves he's healthy. $10 million is chump change for a pitcher. That's #5 starter money nowadays unless you use a prospect.

  2. BRYAN VAN DUSEN....I was not dropping the hammer on you. I was
    totally aware of all that was going on. Nothing personal.
    Kenneth, and I, go back a long way.
    Making fun of your rockers intellect...was fair game.

    1. Patrick, you seem to be mellowing a bit! Is it because of old age or have you decided to join the commenters and be nice...for a change?

      You are still full a surprise, first we get a comment written by you that was far from your usual "way of writing" (it was good by the way), then you comment to save the feelings of a poster (which also was very nice to do).
      What is it? The Boss (Anne Marie) must have kicked your butt.

      I for one, like this new version of your talents.
      Keep the Sun to your "6".

  3. Bryan...
    I must set things straight here, I hope you didn't take offence with my criticism of your music. I was trying for a bit of humour (which I am still low on the learning curve with...yet).


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