Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Final Offensive Bench Spot Goes To...

After Rob Refsnyder was sent to the minors, the final bench spot on the Yankees came down to either Ronald Torreyes or Pete Kozma. And we learned this morning, via Joe Girardi, that the team would be taking Torreyes.

The path to the Yankees Opening Day roster wasn't a simple one for Ronald.

Torreyes started the 2015 season in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, joining their AA affiliate in Tulsa. That was followed by a 16-game stint with the Toronto Blue Jays AA affiliate in New Hampshire. Ronnie then played in 19 games in AAA for Fresno, in the Houston Astros organization. Finally, he finished the season back with the Dodgers, and after spending some time at AAA Oklahoma City, Torreyes made his MLB debut and appeared in 8 games.

The silliness doesn't end there, though.

The Yankees acquired Torreyes in a trade with the Dodgers over the winter. Three days after trading for him, the Yankees DFA'd Ronald, where he was claimed by the Los Angeles Angels In The Outfield (or whatever). Three days after that, Torreyes was again DFA'd, this time by the Angels. And who was there to claim him? Why, of course... The New York Yankees.


And now Mr. Ronald Torreyes has learned he'll be on the Opening Day roster for the Yankees.

Congratulations, and good luck!

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