Friday, March 18, 2016

The Goose is Still on the Loose

Goose Gossage has fallen into the trap that the media likes to set. Gossage was interviewed by ESPN’s Andrew Marchand earlier in the month and he had a few one-liners that became instant news headlines. He called Yoenis Cespedes and Jose Bautista a disgrace, with a few expletives thrown in between, and also called anyone who went to Harvard or studied analytics a “nerd.” Goose is talking again and he’s not holding back this time either, the Goose is still on the loose!

This time Goose was speaking with Kevin Kernan of the New York Post and he reiterated what he said in the ESPN interview. Goose also went out and took a shot at Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers quarterback in the NFL, saying “it’s a shame, it breaks my heart to see the direction this game is going. What, do we want a bunch of Cam Newton’s running around?”

Goose also doesn’t like instant replay although he still does like using the “F” word just as an FYI. Goose was quoted as saying “Now you sit there for five minutes and wait for a f***ing replay. And half the time you can’t even tell.” Goose went on to also say “who’s died in the last 100 years because of a bad call? Well, they lost a World Series and the kid lost his perfect game. Who died? Leave the human element in the game. You cannot take the human element out of baseball because it is the fabric of the game.

Oh and Bryce Harper is fair game too. “What does this kid know? This kid doesn’t know squat about the game, and no respect for it.” And Goose what are you doing exactly? Representing the game, a kid’s game that many children follow, and representing the Yankees and the Hall of Fame by dropping f-bombs every other word in every interview that you are doing every other day? You didn’t hear my last post obviously or take it to heart so I’ll put it in a language you can understand and relate to.

Goose, shut the **** up. You’re embarrassing yourself nerd. You, my friend, are the disgrace and you are better than this. You’re a Yankee, an advocate for the game, an adult and a role model to children. Act like it or go home. And I don’t condone the use of that kind of language and frankly I only used it to drive home a point with you directly, truth be told I have the utmost respect for you as a person and as a ballplayer, but as a fan your act is getting old. Don’t give in to the machine that is the media because they don’t care about you or what you have to say. They just want you to get fired up, use the “F” word, and sell some papers or subscriptions to their blogs. That’s all. Be better than that. 


  1. It's like when some old senile man just starts ranting because they still want to be a part of something and have their piece of it.

    I don't particularly like the flashiness of nba and football, and typically dislike the bat flipping, but whatever. I think it just means work harder to shove it down their throat lol. But no need to repeatedly talk like a fool lol

  2. Goose Gossage has always been like that, he shoots from the hip all the time. One must remember when he played most closers went two or more innings to close the game out and get a save. I have always believed he has a low opinion of the closers that go only one inning or less for a save.
    Believe me, he was one of the best closers in his day and very intimidating!

    1. Gossage was pitching before my time unfortunately. I kind of loathe the whole old timers telling us not to change anything. Sometimes change is good. For instance, instant replay I believe is a good thing. Bat flipping, not so much.

    2. Many things could have been changed a long time ago and some things should never have been changed at all!
      Things from the old days that were changed I wish were back! Playing hard and all out all the time, running to first base, hitting for each situation and the team, not for your own stats, raising the mound to the hight it was but keep the strike zone the same as it is. The strike zone is much smaller then it ever was which gives the advantage to the hitter. Raise the mound and keep the Strike as is. Thus, one has made it even for each side.
      There are things now that I like also; DH, Uniforms, Medical, one inning for a save, games under the lights, much much better training and equipment! And then there came along instant replay.

  3. Couldn't have said it better Daniel. I'm tired of the double standards. A pitcher can pump his fist and get fired up in the third if he strikes the side out, but a hitter can't flip his bat and watch his game tying home run?

  4. I wish I had hit a HR over the wall, if I had...I would have walked around the bases. It's the truth, in over 45 years of baseball I have hit HRs but never one over the wall.
    Any of you guys hit one over the wall, I am sure Daniel has how about the rest of you guys?

    1. I hit more than my share from Little League, on. My second year of Little League I had five in a season and two in one game once. I thought I was the king of Spring Valley New York that night lol.

      Last one I hit in an organized game was High School.

    2. I sometimes wish I had tried to hit some!
      My last HR was about 18/20 years ago an inside the park HR, as were all of mine. I have never ever tried to hit one in my life, I always went for the hit, let others hit the star ball over the fence.
      Let's see I was somewhere around 60+ back then.

    3. Everyone has their game. I wanted to be the guy to pass Babe Ruth on the all-time home run list. I also had the speed, probably should have played to it more often. Oh well.

    4. Daniel the Yankee HR leader, of this blog anyhow. I love the speed and defence game myself. With good pitching, it works very well, without...not so fine!
      I was blessed with speed and a very good eye, so I adapted my game to my skill set.
      Believe it or not, I bunted one time for a triple...without any errors, well one error was called and later reversed.

  5. EVERY....Every time I hit MLB Trade Rumors, numerous times daily,
    my heart races for me to read...'Yankees in on a blockbuster trade...
    details to follow.'

    Every single time.

    Forget Nova. Forget Sabathia. Their ships have sailed. It's 2014-15 all over again.
    What will you get ?...No future, and 6 wins ?

    Do it big time, pull the trigger for a young dynamic arm. The game
    changes for the Yankees at that point.

    1. I can't see it happening. Nova maybe, for a player to be named later. I don't think they could move Sabathia even if they ate 100% of his salary. He simply isn't worth the roster spot.

    2. Agree with Jeff. The team is littered with no-trade clauses and unmovvable contracts. The only way you get your blockbuster if if you move the talent the Yankees have stockpiled.

      No one wants Ellsbury, no one wanted Gardner all winter or Nova either, no one will want Sabathia.

  6. 16%....If Daniel is right, the four players named above, account for 16%
    of the 25 man roster. No one wants them. A sad state of affairs.

    I would be a fool not to understand the contract ramifications.
    I do. So there is no need re-educate patrick.

    Some say this team can not muster enough punch in a Gardner, Nova, and a
    plate full of players get this done ? Nonsense.

    I say yes, if you season the package with a few choice blocked players,
    it will happen.
    Want something good ? Do it. The world will not end.

  7. Nova and Brett are both worth more than a player to be named later.
    We have a problem when it comes to trading for other players, it is called: the Yankee Reputation. We have always had to trade more talent for players than any other team because that is what "King George" almost always did.
    Every deal with Nova or Brett had to include our top two or three Farm players with them. We give up Brett along with Judge, Mateo and Severino or Lindgren for a pitcher of 32+/-? Not on your life do you do a trade like that, unless one is dumb, stupid, ignorant or just crazy.
    Both of our players are good players, don't get caught up in the old saw; "They are Farm hands and this guy is a Big League Player", that is true but all the players in the majors right now were also Farm projects, right?
    Who are other teams going to ask for next year? Ok, let's look at some; "Willie" Garcia, Tyler Wade, Luis Torrens, Juan De Leon, Dustin Fowler, "Ace" Acevedo all of them are good (so far) with good upside and I can see giving up one or two of them in a fair trade, but not "Ace", "Willie" or Torrens.

  8. Reed Nova is worth anything. If he was he would've been dealt already especially with his low salary. He just isn't that good. He is a long relief man at best. Gardner is overrated and I'm sure Levin will say something nasty to me about it. He's a decent player and thats all he is. The elf also has a tendency to ask for more then his players are truly worth. I would've rather given up Gardner to the Cubs then Warren. You don't trade arms especially ones that don't break down. Hicks can do exactly what Gardner can do and a lot less expensive. Everyone praises the elf and I don't see it. The Chapman deal fell into their lap, now the elf needs to parlay that either into a haul of prospects and players or sign him. Getting a sandwich pick for him means shit.

    1. Ken H...
      You are right and wrong (in my opinion) Cash didn't ask for to much in any deal...the other teams wanted to many other farm hands along with Nova and the same with Brett. Then they turned around and made a deal with another team for almost half of what they asked of us.
      Actually you are right, I think Hicks is a better player than Brett. He has a better arm, gets better reads (jump) on the ball but, only time will tell if he could hit better than (a well rested) Brett.

  9. patrick no one is saying don't make a deal if it makes sense or is too good to pass up. I simply don't want to make a deal for the sake of making a deal. These knee jerk deals hardly ever work out where as trading from a position of power, and with patience, does.

    If you find a deal for a young proven stud and they want one of the top prospects, I'd probably be okay with it. You can't simply say Trade Ellsbury though and CC because it's not that simple. They have to agree to it.


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