Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dizzy Dean and Why Bryan Mitchell’s Toe Injury is Important

If you don’t check out the comments section on our blog, you should. There is a nice little core and stable of commenters that are just as full of knowledge and intelligence as they are jammed packed with passion for this team and organization. I bring that up because it was brought to my attention there that Bryan Mitchell would miss at least three months with basically a broken toe, a broken toe he suffered covering first base in one of the final spring games this season. I made the comment, very tongue-in-cheek by the way, “he’s going to miss three months for a toe?” and it was Ken Reed that very quickly reminded me that another pitcher once tried to pitch through a toe injury and it ended up costing him his career.

Dizzy Dean was pitching for the National League in the 1937 All-Star Game and was facing off against the American League’s Earl Averill of the Cleveland Indians when Averill hit a line drive back to the mound striking Dean in the foot. Dean suffered a fractured big toe and attempted to come back too soon from the injury resulting in a change of pitching motion and mechanics. The move was designed to compensate Dean’s pain when he landed on the toe but it ended up costing him so much more, his career. Dean hurt his arm and lost the great and overpowered fastball that made him such a good pitcher, all because of a toe.

It didn’t take long either, by 1938 Dean’s arm was basically all but gone. Dean has his contract bought out and later went on to help the Chicago Cubs to a 1938 NL pennant without much left on his arm. Dean pitched a huge game for Chicago down the stretch and pitched Game 2 for the Cubs in the 1938 World Series before losing to the New York Yankees in “Old Diz’s Last Stand.” Dean pitched until the 1941 season, his age 31 season, before retiring at the end of the season.

Dean was one of the best pitchers in all of Major League Baseball from his age 23 to his age 27 season and by 31 years old he had fallen so far he was forced into retirement. All because of a toe. One little toe.

Get well soon Bryan and take all the time you need!


  1. That's the story Daniel, good job!

    1. You get the hat tip, you inspired the article. I give you full credit.

    2. I thank you for that Daniel...
      But being an honest man, I could not have given the story the justus you did.
      Again good work! Yes, I am envious of you guys and your writing!


    For what it is worth, and I know no more than any of you scribes.

    Yankee Fans Unite, who once merged with Greedy Pinstripes..Yes, them again.
    Where are they now ?....My guess ? Working in a gay bath house as towel boys.
    Anyway...after they banned me for the third time....for life.
    They posted boldly, and viciously, that patrick knew nothing of baseball, and that he should die. That was their management.
    All that while riding along side old Ken, and the great Twasp.
    True talents.

    So these are my thoughts on the 2016 campaign.

    The Yankees will finish first, and go deep into the playoffs.
    Another pitcher of quality emerges, or is acquired, to accomplish that.
    Younger blood starts to make it's way in this season.
    And, at any point a veteran, along with youngsters...will be traded. you have seen, I will go the entire season, without
    rocking the boat with the great Ken Hans.

    Simple words for very strong feelings.
    Go team. Go my most talented pals, at the Greedy.

    1. I look forward to half, or all, of your predictions coming true this season patrick. Especially the part about Hans :)

    2. Heck, I'll second that! LOL

  3. Thank you Patrick and though I don't share your thoughts on where the Yanks will finish I do hope you are correct and that I am wrong. I know Reed will flip flop shortly because I agree with him on 3rd place so I expect a flip shortly

    1. Ken H, thanks for the vote of confidence, I will be sure to keep that in mind as the season goes on.
      Who knows, they could surprise us and finish in 1st place...I hope, but doubt it!

  4. I'm in agreement with you Reed especially on 3rd place finish

  5. This kid can't catch a break. jeez!


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