Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Imagining a Lineup without Teixeira & with Swisher

The talk all week around the Yankees blogosphere, especially after an off day Monday and a rainout on Sunday, and on Twitter has been the second coming of the man they call Swish, Nick Swisher. Swisher is still working out down in Tampa at the Yankees minor league complex waiting on his minor league deal to be finalized and waiting for his number to be called so he can return to the Bronx. Swisher is not what he once was, not after a pair of knee surgeries and not by a long shot, but the grim reality is that same man that couldn’t crack a rebuilding Atlanta Braves roster could be on his way to a Yankees bench near you. Nostalgia aside what would the Yankees lineup look like tonight in Toronto if Swisher were in it and Mark Teixeira was not?

Let the speculation begin:

Jacoby Ellsbury
Brett Gardner
Alex Rodriguez
Brian McCann
Carlos Beltran
Chase Headley
Starlin Castro
Didi Gregorius
Nick Swisher

Keep in mind this is the lineup I think the Yankees will put out there. This is my speculation on Joe Girardi’s lineup, not my own. Please forward the hate mail accordingly. I’d personally have Starlin Castro hitting second, McCann third to keep the left, right, left thing going and maybe A Rod cleaning up. This lineup doesn’t look as much like a daunting task for opposing pitchers with Swisher in it and Teixeira out of it, does it? Let’s hope for the health of Teixeira if we plan on watching any meaningful baseball this October in the Bronx. 

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