Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pineda Makes Start on Thursday, Why?

The New York Yankees have an odd way of going about things in my opinion when it comes to roster management and such. The Yankees will seemingly, and this is my opinion as a lifelong fan and as someone who watches almost every single game every single season, call up a young guy and wait on him to fail while they sign a veteran that stinks up the joint and keeps his job. Luis Severino is down and will likely stay down once he's healthy, my speculation as nothing has been confirmed, yet Michael Pineda (who has a minor league option remaining) and his almost 7.00 ERA will make his next scheduled start on Thursday against Toronto. Why?

Pineda has the worst ERA in all of Major League Baseball among qualified starters. The worst. Worse than Luis Severino and much worse than the whipping boy of the rotation heading into the season in Mr. CC Sabathia. The real answer to the question is this though, who would the Yankees call up to replace him?

Sure I realize that any of Luis Cessa, Chad Green, Brady Lail, Severino (who threw three scoreless innings in his first rehab start since a triceps injury), Layne Somsen, Anthony Swarzak or others could go out and post a 7.00 ERA or lower and technically make the Yankees better there are a few saving graces for Mr. Pineda. Pineda is actually striking out 10.0 batters per nine innings and his velocity is sitting right around where it always has been throughout his career. Pineda seems healthy he just needs to get out of his own way.

How does one get out of their own way? Trust Brian McCann and throw what he calls. Something is not right with Pineda. Usually a control freak, literally and figuratively, Pineda is walking 2.5 batters per nine this season while walking just 0.8 and 1.2 batters per nine in his previous two seasons in New York. Limiting base runners makes his 1.9 HR/9 ratio look a little better as well as that ugly 6.92 ERA.

So why won't the Yankees demote Pineda to figure it out in the minor leagues? Because they can't. They should, but they can't.


  1. Look no further then the ownership and the Tampa Mafia and mostly the clueless elf. Boston moves Clay B to the pen and sits the Panda after signing him to huge contract. Yes later we find out Panda needed surgery but the point is Dombrowski isn't afraid to make those moves and the elf is a pussy

    1. I agree Hans. Apparently Hughes was moved to bp too. Those were two of the ten worst eras. Pineda wears that crown.

      We will be parting ways with Pineda soon enough. They were all worked up over the Wilson trade about major league ready AAA starting pitchers, now is the time. 150 innings at a 6.50 Era isn't exactly hard to replace.

    2. Keep the 3 in line, run them until something sticks, like chimps tossing shit at the wall. Bound to happen. A few times through, and we can hopefully begin to reintroduce Mitchell.

    3. The elf got fleeced in that trade with Detroit but what else is new. Lets see those kids pitch and give them the same opportunity they gave Pineda. He doesn't have the makeup to pitch in NY and I'm sick and tired of seeing him wear his hat to the side. George wouldn't let that happen but Hal doesn't give a shit so there you go

    4. You know Hans we have been agreeing way too much lately. I'm going to have to pick a fight soon just to return to normalcy. I kid.

      But yeah, you're right. The way Boston and San Francisco in years past have handled bad contracts frustrates me as a Yankees fan. You have to earn your spot on those teams yet in the Bronx the contract dictates the playing time. It's bullshit!

    5. Well again I say thats the Coupon Clipper and the elf and the Tampa mafia. That's why the elf will never ever be a top rate GM because he's a pussy. I agree to a certain extent that Hal keeps the purse strings tight but if the elf had any balls he would have left to run another team by now to show people he can build a franchise. He hasn't left because in my opinion even he knows he's second rate and he can't do it anywhere else

  2. Cashman will have to be let go because he is a Yankee through and through. He loves the Yankees and every year his contract is up he has offers from other teams...in the real world that means he has some talent.
    Did you forget he was the only Yankee person counting Coaches and the Manager were afraid to face Jeter and tell him to start tightening up his defense? And took a hard line on Jeter's last contract because he wanted big bucks and a longer contract. So Jeter went to Hal for the contract he got.
    Not anything but facts folks!


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