Saturday, August 13, 2016

Baby Bombers Arrive, Impress Honored '96 Champs, Lead Charge in Homerun Derby Route Over Rays, 8-4

On a sun drenched afternoon in Yankee Stadium, Yankee fans got to revisit the past and take a look at the future all in the same afternoon. Today, New York celebrated the 1996 World Championship team equipped with a phenomenal pregame ceremony that saw every member of that '96 team put on the pinstripes once again and report to their respective positions as their names were called over the loudspeaker by John Sterling and Michael Kaye. Each ovation grew in decibel level as the likes of Wade Boggs, Daryl Strawberry, David Cone. Andy Pettit, Tino Martinez, Jimmy Key and Paul O'Neill were called. But were a different kind of loud when the names of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Joe Torre were announced. The scene took me back to being a 15-year-old clear-eyed kid again as I watched my heroes put on that beloved uniform one more time.

 A day after the Yankees released Alex Rodriguez, one of the most prolific sluggers in the history of baseball, New York also called up two very highly talented high ceiling prospects Aaron Judge and Tyler Austin. And both players made huge introductions to both the '96 team and Yankee fans alike as the Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay rays in what turned out to be a homerun derby of a game two. Ace Masahiro Tanaka took the bump for the Bronx Bombers and improved to 9-4 despite giving up two homeruns today. Matt Andriese took the ball for the Rays, falling to 6-4 while raising his ERA to 3.36 and a forgettable start for the righty, highlighted by serving up four longballs for the first time all season.

There could not have been a better way for the Yankees Youth Movement to start than how they did this afternoon. In the bottom of the second inning, the 2010 draft-pick Tyler Austin recorded his first major league homerun in his first at-bat in the Show, an opposite field big fly that cleared the wall in right and gave the Yanks a 1-0 lead. The very next batter was the other Baby Bomber making his MLB debut, Aaron Judge was not to be outdone by his Scranton teammate and co-call-up Austin, launching his first major league homerun on the first pitch he saw in HIS first major-league at-bat. Judge's blast was a 446 foot bomb to deep centerfield off the window of the restaurant in centerfield to push the Yankee lead to two. The long ball marked the first time in MLB history that a pair of teammates who were making their major league debuts hit homeruns in their first career at bats. I jumped around like we had just won the World Series and was so loudly excited after witnessing such a cool historical moment, that I woke my 2-year old son up from his afternoon nap… that part wasn't so cool.

Although Tanaka was perfect through the first three frames, the Fish got to the Yankee ace in the top of the fourth as they came back to take the lead. With one out, Kevin Kiermaier reached on a bunt single, advancing to third on a single by Yankee killer Evan Longoria. The next batter Brad Miller took a Tanaka high fastball over the wall in left for an opposite field three-run shot that gave the Rays a one run advantage.

But the Pinstripers did not stay down for long as they retook the lead in the bottom of the fifth. First, Starlin Castro belted a fourth inning solo homerun to dead center that knotted the game back up at three apiece. Then, Aaron Judge led off the fifth with a single, his second big league knock in as many at-bats, advancing to third on a Jacoby Ellsbury one-out single to centerfield. Today's two-hole hitter for New York, Aaron Hicks, followed up with a deep blast of his own into the seats in right that put the Yankees up by a 6-3 score.

In the top of the sixth, Tanaka was bitten by yet another Brad Miller mash, this one a solo shot that Miller pulled to right field that brought Tampa back to within two.

Even Didi Gregorius made some personal history today as he got in on the homerun derby in the bottom of the seventh. For the first time in his career, Gregorius was hitting in the cleanup spot, and played the part well as he went 2-4 with a seventh inning two run homer to right that scored Headley, who reached on a two-out walk, making the score 8-4. The longball was the fifth of the game hit by a player 26 years old or younger on the same team and in the same game, the fourth such occurrence in the history of the game. With that historical '96 Championship team in attendance, history seemed to be the word of the day.

Tommy Layne came on in the ninth inning and shut the door on any Tampa hopes of a comeback, tying the bow on a historical day in the Bronx; one that was what my son would call "WAY FUN" to watch!

With their win today, New York moved to four games over 500, tying their high watermark for the season. Break out the brooms tomorrow as the new look Yankees go for the three-game sweep in the final game tomorrow on Mariano Rivera Day, with first pitch scheduled for 1:05 PM/EST.


  1. Great post! Were you at the game? I was there and I plan on publishing something about it tonight

  2. Sorry guys, I was out of the country at that time and had to watch it on VCR when I got to Germany.
    But I did hear the 1943 WS against St. Louis 4-1. Some of the players I remember were, Joe Gordon, "Crow" Crosetti, Spud Chandler and Dickey.

  3. Thanks, Patrick! Unfortunately, no I was not able to be at what seemed like such an unbelievable game. I was, however, at game two of the 96 World Series, which is why I so thoroughly enjoyed watching the pregame and writing about all of the events from today.
    I bleed pinstripe blue and feel so honored that I am able to share my love, fandom and passion for my lifelong favorite team on this badass site we have come to know and love as "The Greedy Pinstripes".

    1. You should really check out the article I just wrote about my experience at today's gaem

  4. Benny Tomko....Enjoyed your enthusiasm in your fine article. Very nice.
    You spoke for many of us with your words....better days are ahead, and
    not that far ahead.
    George would have smiled, and raised his fist today. We all did.
    I smiled, regarding your two year seems, away back when, I did somewhat the the same thing.
    Take care.

    1. I too, wish you well Benny, have fun and never look back!
      You write very well, I read everything you write and can see the passion you have for the Team!

  5. IVON NOVA, or SEVERINO...Whats the big deal ? Is there a difference ?

    Our salvation is Luis Severino ?...The next #1?.....#12?...Help me.

    What I see is a mystery paperback, and I'm reading junk.
    As bad as Nova exited on, Severino is worse. Awful.

    The road out of this septic tank,.......
    does not have Severino shinning a Dollar Store flash light along the way.

    Hans, this is your kind of stuff....jump-in !

    1. Well Patrick with my self imposed banishment I have learned a few things. Those things are that I have been correct about everything I bitch about except Didi. Didi has done a wonderful job at the bat especially against left handed pitching. I said it in the winter this team was poorly constructed and they would finish in 4th. No offense Levin I also said Gardner was a decent player and made reference to his inability to hit the long ball and I called him a punch and Judy hitter which he is. He also is one of the fastest guys in MLB that can't steal a base. I also said numerous times you are what your baseball card says you are and numerous people disagreed with me and you know who you are, last look at Gardner's stats says he is a career 264 hitter that is currently hitting 263.

      I have said that Cashman can't groom his own talent and with Judge and a few others I might be wrong. Nova was a terrible pitcher except his one season where he pitched out of his a_ _ . I don't want to offend anyone with offensive language as I know how some people get upset. Severino might be better suited for the pen as he refuses to use his changeup which I blame on Rothschild and Girardi. They must demand he throw it at least 20 times a game and if he refuses to do so keep him down on the farm.

      I believe that I am one of the only people on here that say Rothschild isn't as good a pitching coach as MANY of you claim he is. Its time that Larry along with this two headed monster hitting coach group get sent packing. What has Larry done to merrit his return? He couldn't turn Nova around, or Severino, or CC or Eovaldi.

      Lastly I unlike many of you have always admitted when I am wrong which isn't often so with that said I have to say that the Elf did a very nice job on the trade front. I still think he is a 2nd rate gm and you couple that with a terrible tightwad owner and it spells for trouble.

      This team needs to spend money this winter to add to this alleged youth movement. Refsynder once again gets hosed. Trade Headley and eat most of his contract and put Castro at third Refsynder at 2nd and Bird at first with Sanchez or Romine behind the plate.

      Food for thought Drew hit more homers at 2nd base at this current date than Castro and his inability to hit a ball that is thrown in the dirt is terrible lol. Yes its a joke that he swings at pitches in the dirt. There you go Patrick. I hope you are staying cool with this heatwave.

    2. Welcome back Ken H,
      If one presupposes the team was put together to win this season, you are right!
      IF one presupposes the team was just getting younger and hoping the 4 guys they brought in would help and become everyday players, you were wrong.
      Most of the guys haven't played to their playing cards this year!
      Opinion is a big part of the give and takes on blogs, I respect your writing talents and giving us things to think about, one can disagree with others without being disrespectful...don't you think! The future is coming as some had thought it might.
      Patrick has been calling for you to return, good of you to show up...relax and have fun.

      Nice to have you back!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thanks' Ken H., I expected something...right about here!
      Nice of you to change your mind!
      Let's have some fun, the season isn't over yet!

    5. Reed I have always said as Patrick said we all don't agree and thats fine. I'm ok with that. However when I give proven facts and numbers which I always tell you don't lie and I am blasted for it bothers me. Levin and I have disagreed on Gardner for a long time. I think he is a decent player, Levin thinks higher of him. I have said you are what your card says you are and it holds true with Gardner. If he wants to make a case for Gardner then please detail why he is a top flight talent.

      Patrick and I have disagreed on Eovaldi. I said he is a 4/5 and last year benefited from the run support. I also said he he can't get out of the 5th inning for the most part and he throws hard and straight. I still believe it and I think he did a wonderful job out of the pen and he might really belong there. The problem is that Cashman gets these pitchers or drafts guys Like Betances to be starters and they all end up in the pen or should be in the pen.

      I would've hoped Cashman would've gotten more arms in the deals, and yes I know about the kid that was drafted 4th pick and was traded for Beltran and is supposed to have a top flight arm. The problem is I don't believe there are any great pitching coaches in our ranks that can develop arms, especially Larry R.

    6. You and I will disagree on many things Ken, most of which I think is because we look at things differently. I have the patients of Job, as long as I can see a very good plain, down the line!
      Most fans want a star at every position on the field...we don't need that and Hal won't go for it anyhow!
      One always tries to make a talented pitcher into a starter if they can, because a starter is more valuable than a BP pitcher! Some make it and become a very good starter...some become very good BP hands.
      Many times a starter will start out as a BP pitcher to learn what can't be learned at "AAA"!

    7. Glad to have you back Hans. I don't want to reopen the Gardner argument, just clarify my opinion. You say you are what the back of your card says, and I agree. All I'm disagreeing on is that I don't think the back of Gardner's card looks that bad. Especially when he's not a leftfielder. I don't think he's a power hitter. I'm not delusional enough to think he's a Hall of Fame player. I'm simply saying that he's an above average homegrown player on a team friendly contract. Especially when you consider the contracts of players like Ellsbury, Heyward, and Choo.

    8. Levin I can agree with you on that. I just think he's a great defender, terrible baserunner and an average hitter with minimal power. Not a bad player at all. A good player not to be confused as a great player

  6. KEN HANS.....about time!
    I am doing business billings this eve, so my time is shortened.

    Ken Hans....welcome back. We all do not think alike. How boring.
    But when a fine talent like you, contributes, we all look better.
    Very pleased you are back.
    Thank you....................p.

    1. Thank you Patrick I truly appreciate that.

    2. Ken,

      While you probably couldn't care less what I have to say, I feel like adding something here.

      I welcome differing opinions. Hell, it's what makes The Greedy Pinstripes a good blog. I've had a blog with just me before, and it did nothing. While it could have been because I'm not any good, I'm sure the lack of differing opinions there hurt just as much if not more.

      BTW, I don't mean to come off as an "expert" of some sort. I have my opinions, and I do my best to back up those opinions. If I'm coming off that way, then tell me how I'm doing that and I'll do my best not to in the future.

      I want to start or contribute to a conversation about the Yankees. Our love. Our passion. Not end one.

      What do you say? Bury the hatchet?

    3. That's fine Bryan I accept just don't ever say I'm not a Yankee fan lol

    4. Lol, 'deal'...
      Offered up by Van Dusen...almost worse than the awful Iranian deal. A deal for being dumb ? A dope ?

      I watched from the stands, and saw what transpired, I would have flushed it down the pipes, and walked away.
      Let's all LOL ! A deal, lol ? I can't help but find nothing funny.

      A few weeks ago that hatchet would have been buried in
      Han's skull. Now a deal is struck ? Try apologizing.

      I think Hans was distracted, and accepted.

  7. To all......
    I am the only expert around here forget I said that!
    Has any of us ever managed a professional baseball team...not so much, hay?!
    Did any of us get paid for playing baseball...not so much, aah well yes (me) in college for shining ONE Brass Door Fixture (about three min.)...sorry about that!

    Bottom line....
    Daniel has told me I write like what I put down on paper is right and that is it.
    Well, maybe I do but I had a lot of time writing after action reports etc., so some (NO) most of the time it is written to sound differently than what I meant it to read.


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