Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Clint Frazier

The New York Yankees top prospect is now Clint Frazier and damn does he look good wearing a Scranton/Wilkes Barre RailRiders jersey. Call me bias but the waving red hair, which challenged Ben Gamel for the best hair on the team and in the organization, in the red, white and blue RailRiders jersey just looks right.

I can't say it any better than our friends over at Bleeding Yankee Blue when they said "Five-Tool Players, Yeah We Got That" and we got that in Clint Frazier. Enjoy the rest of your evening Yankees fans and enjoy the off day.

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  1. I HAVE STOPPED CAMPAIGNING..for Tommy Twasp, and Ken Hans.

    Great political theater, and a ton of valid reasons to wish they were back here....but if they don't respond to my overture's ...
    then I must stand down.

    Perhaps, I was caught up in the political scrum going on, across this great nation. Perhaps.

    They were two talented posters, though somewhat volatile at times,
    that this site once called their own .
    Tommy Twasp being the foremost.

    I was startled the day that someone here said that if Twasp returned, he would leave, and never return....Really ?

    In my nine years of sharing my modest opionated thoughts around the blogosphere....that stands as the dumbest quote ever ! Bar none.
    Read my words as you will....I care not.

    I am standing down on this subject, unless challenged.

    Sorry to see the end of Alex, but it was time.
    Still more house cleaning to be done.

    1. Patrick, the Quote you may be writing of may have been missed quoted or misunderstood by someone.
      Let it rest! No Challenge, just fact!

    2. KENNETH......My intent was only to bring top flight talent back on board this site. I tried.

      Like him, or not....Tommy Twasp, when on his game, had no piers.
      He was terrific, and I consider him as a friend. I do miss him.

      When he moved on, a void was left unfilled to this date.
      Sorry, but that is a fact.

      No need to let it rest....I said I was standing down.
      The quote ?..........also, just fact !

    3. If and when they want to come back, they will. They know the link and they know where you and Mr. Reed are. They aren't going to stay away or come back because of your posts (not that you can't post away I'm just saying in general, you know? No disrespect intended).

      Tommy was a great guy but it's been years now. I hate to say it but I think the ship has sailed and I wish it weren't true.

    4. Both were very talented, in different ways, the good thing is, talent will find its way.


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