Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hal Steinbrenner Discusses Selling the Yankees, Other Notes

So I may have just used the ultimate click bait for Yankees fans by saying that Hal Steinbrenner recently conducted an interview in which he discussed selling the Yankees, rookie outfielder Aaron Judge and other notes but it’s not a click bait if it’s true. Hal did in fact discuss the possibility of selling the Yankees and a plethora of other topics we’ll cover for you here but be warned, Hal isn’t likely to sell the team no matter what he says in this interview. Remember all those interviews where he said the Yankees had a World Series caliber team? Yeah his word and $15 bucks can get you a beer at Yankee Stadium but please, keep reading regardless.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post conducted the interview, yeah it took the possibility of Hal selling the team for me to break my protest of reading his garbage work, and when asked about the possibility of selling the team Hal shot it down immediately. Hal was quoted as saying in the interview that “I never considered selling three years ago when the future looked tough, why would I sell now that the future is bright? There is no consideration. I am excited for March to get here. I am excited for the next few years.” There goes that pipe dream.

Also in the interview Hal mentioned that he wanted to give Aaron Judge a chance to win the right field job in 2017 despite his struggles at times this season while the Yankees owner also felt comfortable with handing two of the vacant starting rotation spots to two of Luis Cessa, Chad Green, Bryan Mitchell, Luis Severino, Adam Warren, Chance Adams or James Kaprielian.

Finally in the interview Hal mentioned that he was very happy with manager Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman indicating that no moves would be made before their contracts run out after 2017. A man can dream though, can’t he?

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