Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Predicting Tonight’s NL Wild Card Winner

So the offenses have had their say, the pitching has had their say and the game has been previewed so it’s time to put up or shut up. Who takes home the crown and gets the consolation prize that is facing off with the Chicago Cubs on the road in the NLDS? Is it going to be a Noah Syndergaard led New York Mets squad or is it going to be a Madison Bumgarner led Giants squad?

In all honestly I left the whole “even number” thing out as much as I could because on a long enough timeline that will have to come to an end eventually but I can’t see the Mets getting passed the Giants in this contest. The Mets pitching is stellar and if they can get the ball to Jeurys Familia with a lead that may be the ball game leaving me with egg on my face but the Giants just have so much postseason experience and so many clutch hitters and so many players that have been there before it’s hard to root against them in a one-game playoff. It may even be hard to root against them in a best of five series to be completely frank and honest. That is why I’m going with the Giants tonight in Queens.

Well that and I’m a Yankees fan and according to Michael Kay I can’t be a fan nor can I root for both… and I’m inclined to agree with him. 

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