Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Recapping the Yankees Postseason History: The 1997 Season

You know I was only going to recap the positives in the Yankees postseason while I skipped around all the losing seasons for the World Series winning seasons but you know what? The Yankees history is both good and bad, just more good than any other team in Major League Baseball history, so let’s head back a season to 1997. The first season I truly felt heartbreak.

You have to remember I was born in November of 1985. My first “experience” of baseball was the 1986 season and my first true memories of baseball were in 1994. The Yankees were “the best” in 1994 but it didn’t truly register with me that the World Series had been canceled and what that truly meant. I just thought “oh, baseball is over. Time to go outside and play with my friends again.” I was naïve. I was still naïve in 1997, just 11 years old when this all went down, but I truly felt heartbreak when the team squared off with the Cleveland Indians.

Mariano Rivera blows the save and the Yankees lose the series. No back-to-back World Series championships for the Bombers and I'm outside playing with my friends a lot earlier than I had hoped. So is life I guess. 

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