Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bring Me Greg Holland

I said this last September when he threw his last pitch in the Major Leagues. I said it again sometime this season when the Yankees were struggling. I’ll say it again today. Bring me Greg Holland. If you don’t remember the name Greg Holland let me remind you. Holland was the closer for the Kansas City Royals that underwent Tommy John surgery after being one of the most dominant relievers in all of Major League Baseball from 2012 through 2015. Holland is not quite back yet after his September, 2015 surgery but will likely be ready for at least spring training 2017. Should the Yankees take a waiver? I say yes.

As much as it’s fun to dream about the Yankees signing Kenley Jansen or Aroldis Chapman I find it unlikely that Brian Cashman will want to or be allowed to give a pitcher in the neighborhood of $15 million this offseason as long as Hal Steinbrenner still owns the team. With that said Cashman may have to get creative this winter and that may bring him to the man that had a 2.42 ERA, 12.1 K/9 ratio and 145 saves from 2012 to 2015.

Holland is a proven closer, a veteran arm and an arm that has led a team to the World Series. Being postseason proven is a big thing in New York, especially with the Yankees, and a stat nor a number can be put on that sort of experience. Well in my opinion, Holland will likely try to put a number, more so a dollar amount, on that experience if and when he decides to sign this winter. It’s anyone’s guess how much he would sign for or where he would sign but I’m guessing a base salary of a few million ($5 million is likely pushing it but the base salary may separate teams like the Yankees from the team he is familiar with in Kansas City) with incentives may get the job done. Add a second year mutual option to sweeten the pot if necessary.

The Yankees have done similar deals with David Aardsma, Andrew Bailey, Jon Lieber and others in the past and they do so again this offseason with Holland. Get it done Cash, get it done.


  1. cashman likes opportunities (and I mean, so does everyone) to buy low. I thought it would be good to go for two closers and deal one again if necessary. but Holland would be a good risk to take. worst case is we lose out on ~5 mil. Best case is 1) championship. 1a)3 headed monster, take two. 2) Next best- trade at deadline for a top 25 prospect or more.

    In all honesty, we will need reliable relief pitchers next year. Betances' workload should be reduced, and these guys were shot this year.


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