Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from The Greedy Pinstripes

Good morning everyone and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all. In years past I have loaded down the site with content like I have every other day on holidays such as today but you know what? Today as I sit here watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade with my two boys I simply just don’t feel like it, you know?

So enjoy the day off from listening to me ramble on about this and that and instead enjoy the day of food, family, football and fighting for stuff on sale at your local department stores. I joke about the latter, kind of.

Enjoy the day and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from everyone here at TGP. Much love.

Daniel Burch


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Daniel, and to the greedy pinstripes gang! Have a great day everyone. Even Aaron hicks. Maybe.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving guys. A happy and healthy holiday season for all!!!

  3. WISH...
    I could contribute, and add my two cents into the mix...

    But until when the CBA is resolved, and the winter meetings
    are convened, we are only gazing into a crystal ball.

    That said...with 2017 going to be another faux season:

    Trade Pineda. Trade Tanaka....Now !...Or, July ?....Tonight.

    Trade Gardner / Headley / Ellsbury...tonight.( I know it is hard )
    Do it ! And make this a true, dam reload season.

    Not some form of a supermarket sausage bread ! We are not dopes.

  4. Arron Judge....Much seems to hinge around him,
    as the squad moves forward. That's all we hear ?

    I hear, and read potential? But, what my eyes have seen, so far, is no big deal. Other players would have been released based on his performance.

    Trade, and reload is fine with me. Young top talent has been now
    placed in the lower levels. So smart.

    Trade Tanaka, Pinada...this winter, tonight, or 2017.

    What they need is pitching ! QUALITY pitching! Hard to find pitching !

    That must be the goal this off season.

    The team is ready to move up, but they must have top notched pitching.
    All else,..... brings us back to the 2012-2016 squads,....Vanilla.

  5. Unless the Yankees are going to trade for somebody like Sale, I don't want to see it. The Sox want to rebuild, but stay somewhat competitive. What about Gardner/Judge/Austin/Mateo for Sale? Not enough? We could throw in a decent young pitcher like Cessa. With a move like that we could go sign Cespedes. We've improved pitching and have a 3-4-5 of Sanchez/Bird/Cespedes.

    1. The elf isn't going to sign anyone with a draft pick involved. He is going to keep that pick and he will keep next years pick as well as this team is heading no where in the next few years and contrary to beliefs they are saving up for spending in 2018 you can forget that. This clown owner cares nothing about winning. It has been quite evident that his number one goal is to increase the size of his wallet. Until this ownership and management team are replaced I fear this finishing out of the playoffs will be the norm

    2. Ken H...
      Why not, instead of being a pessimist try being a bit more optimistic, you know it will be better next year! Stop and think about it, I think you are a smart guy! There is no "FIXABLE" reason not to be better.

    3. Kip I have been a Yankee fan probably before you were born unless you were born in the 50's. Second I have seen it all just as Reed and Patrick have. I am not a pessimist I am a realist. I have been through the wife swapping to the Bronx zoo to the late 60's and early seventies when they sucked and then again in the mid to late 80's and on and on. This owner doesn't want to win. he wants to line his pockets. He has sold 80% of his dads TV network...why? He has a 3.4 billion dollar business that he treats like he owns the Rays. The guy has more money than god yet we continue to put an inferior product on the field the last 6 years. George would never allow that to happen even if he had to pay $75 million in taxes.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Well, Ken H, I am older than you by a lot, but let's not go into that. I have seen the ups and downs of the Yankees and lived and died with them.
      The team supports the whole Family, one way or another, they all own stocks and most of them have jobs with the company also. So, when you say the team has a worth of 3.4 billion the family eats much of that up. Yes, George would spend his own money as he did when he first became majority owner of the team. Many times over the years he used his own money to help do things for the team like, buying players from the Browns and others.
      It wouldn't surprise me to find out he sold part of YES to pay off some of the family, so he could be the MAN. Remember, after Georges death the board was the people he had to get on his side.

    6. Well Kip you then must be ancient

    7. He is ancient Ken H...
      He is my younger brother-in law by about two years, and was in one of my units overseas, at one time. Good guy! Came to visit and couldn't resist the chance to comment...again!
      He thinks much like you but, he is a bit more optimistic!
      I commented once before but I was at his place and it showed up as him not me...that was awhile back. I don't think you were on the site yet.

    8. Gotcha Reed. Yes he is optimistic. As I have said I'm a realist and know what this owner is all about. He can say its WS or bust but we know he isn't spending the Benjamin's

  6. NATHAN 'REVOLVER' EOVALDI.... The Ace of last years staff. And, he did not drink a beer distributor Sabathia. Shame.

    He was released today, like someone emptying a vacuum cleaning bag on a windy day in March...dust in the wind.

    Eovaldi was just beginning to master his craft. The brightest light in
    that horrid rotation, is now thrown to the curb. Get lost !

    He was too good for these Yankees. Some in Yankee mgmt, like some
    posters here were out to get him. So...plain to see.

    And when his elbow needed some tending to..the long knifes came out.

    Eovaldi got worse than what Caesar got. Eovaldi did not deserve this.

    Laugh now, but when the Revolver spins the cylinder again... will be the Hall of Fame that will be calling.
    Viva La...'Gun Slinger'...El Revolver.


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