Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Obligatory “What About Chris Carter” Post

The New York Yankees have a long offseason ahead of them and the team is surrounded by more questions than answers unfortunately so when a player the caliber of Chris Carter becomes available you know we all have to ask the obligatory question, “Would Chris Carter fit in with the Yankees in 2017?” That is what we will look to explore in this blog post today, keep reading.

The New York Yankees need a DH type player and a player that can also play first base just in case would likely be near the top of Brian Cashman’s priority list coming into this offseason. Greg Bird is still a huge question mark, Dustin Ackley and Brian McCann are gone and the Yankees need depth now more so than ever. Another thing the Yankees need is power and Chris Carter checks every one of those boxes for a team.

Carter led the National League in home runs in 2016 with 41 but he didn’t do much else with the Milwaukee Brewers. His average will never be high but you’re not buying him for that, you’re buying Carter for his home runs and RBI totals in the middle of that Yankees lineup.

Carter is arbitration eligible this season and would likely come on a one-year deal. Should the Yankees get him in the fold? I’m leaning towards yes but I am honestly undecided. I like the 41 home runs and 94 RBI totals from 2016 but I am not entirely in love with the .222 batting average nor the 206 strikeouts last season. What say you?


  1. CHRIS CARTER...this is not the guy you want.

    Life time batting average: .218. I'm overwhelmed.
    2016: 644 Plate appearances / 549 at bats...w/ 206K's... Awful.
    He is what Judge may turn out to be. Not acceptable.

    Waste of money, and time.

  2. TANAKA & PINADA, after 2017, are gone.

    Cash in your chips now, this winter.

    Tanaka to an almost there, contending team?...Handsome return.
    Pinada, and all his K's? Ripe on the vine!...Handsome return.

    Make the farm system...magnificent ! Keep adding on.

    1. Patrick the elf isn't that smart. He let Cano walk and Dave Robertson walk knowing full well he wasn't signing either. I know the tightwad Hal doesn't have the balls to do it but I would fire the binder and the elf if they don't make the playoffs next season. We will once again have to endure the ineptness of both for three more years

    2. They dealt Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, and Carlos Beltran last season. Their top two relievers, one of which was making well below his market value for another two years, and their top hitter. If that doesn't tell you things have changed, then I don't know what will.

      BTW, they didn't know "full well" they weren't going to sign Cano and Robertson. The Mariners blew everybody out of the water with their 10-year offer, where 99% of people saw Robbie getting 8 years at most.

      I don't know why they didn't trade Robertson. I guess they thought they still had a shot that season, and didn't feel like they could depend on Betances as their new closer. Keep in mind that 2014 was his "true" rookie season, it's not like he showed the same stuff over a full MLB season at that point.

      This is not the same Yankees we saw in 2014, or for that matter about 20 years before that. But while they have a bright future in the batting lineup, their starting rotation has many questions. And Masahiro Tanaka is the only thing you can consider "solid" in there... for now and possibly the future. After trading Tanaka there is no "Betances" to take over that #1 rotation spot. Hell, even Pineda is kind of needed just to eat some innings in 2017. Hopefully that changes by the trade deadline, but as of right now that's the situation.

    3. They knew Cano was going to get a huge offer, it was floated out there and whats to say they couldn't resign him when he became a FA? Miller was not a necessity to trade, Chapman was as he was in his walk year. If you aren't re-upping them before or during their walk year then they need to be traded, especially now with the new labor agreement.


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