Thursday, December 29, 2016

David Robertson Reunion Time? Not Likely

The New York Yankees starting rotation may once again start the season with more question marks rather than answers and for that reason the team may once again look to build a super bullpen that can take some of the innings and the pressure off the rotation while locking down some wins. The team already has Dellin Betances, Aroldis Chapman, Adam Warren and Tyler Clippard among others in the fold but rumors have begun to show up regarding the team having yet another reunion with a bullpen arm this winter. Those rumors involve the Chicago White Sox trading former Yankees closer David Robertson back to the Bronx in a deal that may or may not involve Jose Quintana. While Quintana to the Bronx may actually be a thing that comes to fruition this winter it is looking less and less likely that Robertson is closing games in the Bronx as a Yankee any time soon.

The acquisition of David Robertson would undoubtedly give the Yankees one of the better bullpens in the American League once again in 2017. Robertson has had his struggles with walks and making save opportunities interesting in general but despite his seven blown saves in 2016 the former Yankees right-hander did finish the season with 37 saves. At age 31 the White Sox are looking to move the right-hander in the midst of their own fire sale in hopes of bringing back not only prospects but some salary relief as well as Robertson is owed $25 million over the next two seasons. The White Sox may get those prospects and they may get that salary relief as well but I cannot see the Yankees being the team to bring that to Chicago this offseason.

Now New York could always take Robertson’s contract in a good faith gesture to keep the prospect package for Jose Quintana down to a comfortable level but I can’t see Hal Steinbrenner signing off on another almost $30 million in salary. The Yankees are in a Catch 22 here. Their GM, Brian Cashman, does not want to give up the prospects necessary to acquire a talented arm like Quintana but at the same time the team does not seem willing to take on the salary of a Robertson in order to potentially give up a lesser prospect package. The Yankees want their cake and they want to eat it too and that alone will likely keep the team from getting now only Robertson, but Quintana as well.

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  1. Don't need a guy on the down swing that blew 14 saves last year and continuously goes 0-2 or 1-2 on batter and walks him. Never liked him the first time and don't want him the second time either

  2. Sorry for the wrong info on blown saves. Burch is actually correct its 7. Radio reports I heard were 14. Can't trust what you hear

    1. HANZEL....A fine new years to you, and your family.

      Not sure where this off season reloading is leading us.
      If this is truly a tank-it year, then they should be honest, and thin the herd. Cut back hard.

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      Sunday Feb. 5th...when the horn you go to
      dive down, and bring up a handful of sand.
      No doctors, but priests walk the beach to administer last rights.

      * If you prefer, there is a nude male section.

    2. Patrick wish you and your wife and family a happy and more importantly healthy New Year. The thought of jumping into the freezing cold reminds me of the Seinfeld scene with George and his shrinkage


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