Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dellin and the Case of the Missing $2 mil...

Admittedly, it seemed odd for the Yankees to quibble over $2 million at the risk of alienating their all-star reliever Dellin Betances.  But the Yankees were right to hold the line at $3 million and take Betances to arbitration rather than succumb to his request for $5 million.  It’s rare these days for the Yankees not to settle their arbitration cases before hearings, but the gap between player and team was too great.

There were reports the two sides discussed a long-term deal but they could not find common ground.  

So, Betances went through the process of hearing about all his faults and walked away with only $3 million in his pocket after the arbitrator ruled in favor of the Yankees.  I do not feel bad for Betances.  He’ll get his money.  If he continues to perform, he’ll be making his mega-millions whether it is from the Yankees or another team on down the road.

It was probably tough for Betances to walk into Yankees training camp today even if he didn’t say so.  But I suspect long-term, he’ll be okay.  Baseball is a business and the Yankees have a strong desire to get under the luxury tax threshold even if they did majorly overpay to get their 103 mph closer Aroldis Chapman back in the fold.  In an idealistic world, Chapman and Betances would be making similar money.  But Chapman has paid his dues and earned his right for free agency.  The day will come for Betances when he’ll be able to back up a truck to get his cash too.  

With the arbitration case behind us, the Yankees can return to throwing accolades Dellin’s way and work to restore the psyche of baseball’s best set up man.  

It’s easy to say it’s just money.  Why not just give Betances what he wants?  This decision has implications on future dollars for Betances and it sets precedent for future arbitration cases.  The Yankees decision to arbitrate goes far beyond $2 million.  Their stance and the victory has probably saved the Yankees many millions in future years.  Any way you slice it, one can live very comfortably on $3 million.  Granted, the IRS and the state of New York will take a healthy slice, yet it is still a lot of money.  It is also $2.5 million more than Betances made last year.  Heck, I would have been happy with a $25,000 pay increase...

Stand strong, Dellin.  Show the Yankees and the Baseball world that you are still the best set up guy in Major League Baseball (no offense, Andrew Miller).


  1. "This decision has implications on future dollars for Betances and it sets precedent for future arbitration cases."

    This is what so many people forget, but it's a very good point.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm worried that it could have a negative effect on Dellin and the team. I mean, will he be unhappy and want to be traded? But he's been a Yankee his entire professional career, and they certainly helped him get to the position he's in, where he is a millionaire.

    1. One must not forget that last season Dellin took the league minimum to help the Yankees out financially. He could have gotten a lot more, and was offered more by the Yankees, but he didn't. To help the team. Now it's time for some reciprocation if you ask me.


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