Saturday, February 18, 2017

My Point of View On the 2017 Opening Day Lineup

This morning Daniel Burch posted an article about predicting and projecting the Yankees 2017 Opening Day lineup. The game will be held at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida on April 2nd. This year will have a whole different feeling then the years prior. The Yankees are a much younger ball club with a few new veteran faces. Young players like Judge, Severino, Green, Cessa, Mitchell, and Hicks among others will have been fighting it out for starting jobs all spring. It's not like the years past with a bunch of veterans showing up knowing that they have a set job and a World Series in the grasp of their hands. These young players are showing up to spring fighting for a job, actually trying to do their best.

On April 2nd in Tampa, the Yankees will have their  roster set and the lineup cards will be posted. Though the Rays have not announced their Opening Day starter yet, I believe it will be their young ace, Chris Archer. Brian Cashman has recently mentioned maybe breaking up the 1-2 punch of Ellsbury and Gardner. They haven't been dynamic 1-2 punch that the Yankees have been looking for. So on that exciting April day when the Rays run onto the field and the Yankees step up to the plate i think Joe Girardi will put this lineup against the Rays.

LF Brett Gardner
2B Starlin Castro
C Gary Sanchez
DH Matt Holliday
1B Greg Bird
RF Aaron Judge
CF Jacoby Ellsbury
SS Didi Gregorius
3B Chase Headley

Do think this lineup will change a lot throughout the year, yes, but do I think it's the best lineup he can put out. By the end of the year hopeful more young stars will be in the lineup including Torres and Frazier. The lineup will also be very different if we struggle up to the trade deadline which would lead to another fire sale of Carter, Holliday, Castro, Gardner, Sabathia, Tanaka, Pineada, Headley, and Ellsbury. But of course, it will very unlikely trade all of those players, but trading a few will bring in a lot more talent to help us in the future. I don't know exactly what this season will bring, but their still will be baseball in the Bronx and it will be a blast!


  1. Not that I want to go against Daniel, but I think it makes more sense to put Sanchez in the three least for now. I also like the idea of breaking up Gardner and Ellsbury at the top.

    1. thank you, for your response and i agree with everything you said

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    3. I can get behind Gary Sanchez in the three hole, no problem. Some say your best hitter should be in the three hole, and that may very well be Gary. I just want everyone to know that the Gary Sanchez we saw, as a whole, last season will not be the Gary we see next season.

      And that's not a knock. He was just not human last season and I want everyone to temper their expectations now rather than later.

    4. Good point but with what he still offers if it is not as great as last years small sample size, is still good enough for our 3 hole


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