Saturday, March 4, 2017

Finally, Something Yankees Related Today!!!

Yes, what a concept. A Yankees blog talking about something Yankees related. Weird, I know but we finally got there today as we will look at the remaining free agents that are still left out there on the market and see if any of them matchup with the Yankees this season. I will primarily focus on the bullpen and pitching department as a whole because I feel like those are the most wide open positions on the team but if you feel there is a positional player and/or bench piece that needs some extra love and attention then leave that below in the comments section. Thanks.

I was a bit disappointed when I saw that Joe Blanton went to the Washington Nationals. Not that I wanted to give the right a guaranteed $4 million deal but part of me had hoped that the more spring training dragged on the more likely that Blanton was to sign a smaller guaranteed deal or even a non-guaranteed deal. The same thought process is going through my mind with former Kansas City Royals bullpen arm Luke Hochevar. Over the last two seasons, and keep in mind these were his first two seasons removed from Tommy John surgery so he should theoretically get stronger and better the farther away from the surgery that he gets, Hochevar has posted a 3.78 ERA with strong and impressive strikeout and walk rates that should play well inside Yankee Stadium.

I was also a bit disappointed last season when the Yankees did not solidify their starting rotation with a Doug Fister signing so why not right a wrong in 2017 by signing the right-hander. Now before you scroll down to send hate mail in the comments section I am merely suggest Fister on a minor league deal. While Fister’s ERA continues to climb while the MPH on his fastball and sinker continue to fall I still feel like he would make for incredible depth at Triple-A at the very least. I would slide Colby Lewis into this mold as well but for some odd reason I cannot see Lewis pulling a Jon Niese and signing a minor league deal. It doesn’t hurt to ask though, hint hint Brian Cashman.

There’s others out there that are worth waivers including Henderson Alvarez, Jordan Walden, Alfredo Simon and Charlie Furbush but only on minor league deals because there’s no such thing as a bad minor league deal so they say. Well so I say anyway. 

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