Friday, March 3, 2017

So it Seems It Always Comes Down to This...

So it seems the older I get, the more experience and the more my eyes are opened each and every day that it always comes down to the devil you know vs. the devil that you don't know. In life and in Major League Baseball, and we will look at the latter throughout the day here on the blog as this is quickly becoming the theme of the day, it almost always comes down to the old saying. Basically what it means is you have the thing, the person or whatever the subject is that you know in one hand and you have the person, thing or subject that you don't know in the other hand. Decisions, decisions. Do you stick it out with your old car that you know is reliable but will need a new this or a new that in the pretty near future, do you buy a used car that you have no idea about despite a Carfax or do you really go out on a limb and make a major purchase of a new car?

It's the same thing and basic premise in MLB. Do you stick with the guy you have, do you trade for another piece or do you go all in on the free agent market? Ask the Arizona Diamondbacks how they feel about this devil you know thing and ask them how they feel about the Zack Greinke signing to date. For that amount of money they could have signed three solid starting pitchers or kept this guy or that guy and got the same amount of production or more. You just never know but in order to succeed and get what you want out of this game, and out of this life, you have to take risks.

The normal routine doesn't always have to be normal and the new normal doesn't always have to be normal either. It's time to take risks, even if the risks aren't really risks at all, and go with the devil you don't know. You know why? Because the devil I know is a true bitch and the devil I don't is not. I hate to oversimplify such a rash and huge decision but the world is sometimes that simple if you let it be. So take a chance, go for the unknown and live a little. You just may be making the best decision you ever made in your 31-years on this Earth.

Enjoy the day everyone and Happy Friday. Also, don't forget to visit the pizza pleasure room and tell them Dan sent you.

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