Tuesday, March 28, 2017

So it Seems This Week is Going to be Crazy Busy

Just a heads up before I go missing for another week and then have to come back and apologize that this week is potentially going to get really, really busy for me. See I am in a transition period at my job where I am slowly being trained to learn a new job (and as you may or may not know I do the vast majority of my writing at work… so if work is busy the writing doesn’t get done unfortunately) but now we can no longer afford the luxury of taking our time with the training. Now the envelope is being pushed and I am essentially being rushed into the learning the new job as the need for me to be there may become a reality here in the near future. I obviously can’t go into detail for obvious reasons.

So if I’m quiet that’s why. I do everything I can to write but sometimes life just doesn’t have that in the cards for me right now. But I am trying, I promise you that. Stay well and I hope you have the most amazing Tuesday ever.

And to that special person in my life… I love you!

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