Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Don’t Worry, Jon Niese Will Be Back

The New York Yankees released former New York Mets relief pitcher Jon Niese over the weekend in a bit of a surprising move…. Or was it a surprising move? According to that guy that has us blocked over at the New York Post because we broke a news story before he did and simply asked for credit the New York Yankees organization feels like Niese is a bit behind after having knee surgery and may pull the old “bait and switch” like they have in years past with their prospects and minor league players. Many times over the years the Yankees have signed players to deals or had these players on their 40 man roster only to release them or designate them for assignment late in the spring. A week later these players are right back on the roster and in the organization on a new minor league deal. It’s a new Meta and the Yankees are doing it again with Niese in my opinion.

The need for Niese on the Yankees roster is obvious as the former Mets and Pittsburgh Pirates product has spent time almost exclusively as a starter in his career although he does have some experience as a relief pitcher as well. Both positions are areas that the Yankees have obvious and glaring needs and the Yankees will undoubtedly want him back but the ultimate decision comes down to Niese. He already stated he was shocked this offseason that he could not find an MLB deal this winter so I wouldn’t be surprised to at least see him weigh his options. Undoubtedly that’s why the Yankees released him now rather than in two weeks as a good faith gesture and to give him a shot at finding a guaranteed deal elsewhere, because you know… evil empire and all.

Good luck Jon even though I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be seeing you again real soon…

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