Wednesday, March 1, 2017

So it Seems Voyeurism May be Back in the Bronx

I may or may not be using the term “voyeurism” as Kode but the general gist of the message is the same, people may actually begin coming back to Yankee Stadium in 2017. The Yankees have added amenities to the stadium and not just any amenities but amenities that the fans actually wanted to see added to the Cathedral in the Bronx. The fans, as a general consensus and as a whole if we are using the term loosely, also wanted a youth movement and a rebuild and they are getting that as well. Gone are the Alex Rodriguez’s and Mark Teixeria’s long past their prime and in their spots are Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez who haven’t barely hit puberty let alone their primes yet.

These are exciting times in the Bronx. The winds of change are blowing and they will keep blowing. They will keep blowing as they bring REASSURANCE that the things I say will happen. Some things are harder to do and say when there are young guys involved. It’s hard to find the words and begin the process but once you do it will begin to flow and it will all come out at once until this thing is done, and over and dead. Just be patient and know that the better times are coming, no not nearly as fast as anyone would have hoped or imagined, and they are going to be the best times ever.

A dynasty is coming and an unstoppable force is being born. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it wasn’t torn down in a day either just as a quick reminder, but the greatness that was Rome did happen and that should and will never be forgotten. Just enjoy the ride. 

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