Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New York Still Working Towards a Jose Quintana Reunion

Remember that left-handed starting pitcher that the Chicago White Sox were said to be shopping all winter long only to hold onto him as of the time of this writing? Remember when the Yankees were said to be in talks with those same Chicago White Sox regarding said left-hander only for those talks to apparently die down for whatever reason? Well the White Sox are back to shopping Jose Quintana and the Yankees are said to be one of four teams still vying for his control.

Joining the New York Yankees who are vying for the 28-year old’s services are the Houston Astros, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Texas Rangers. The White Sox are asking for a King’s Ransom from whichever team ultimately acquires the southpaw and has even reportedly asked for a huge package from the Yankees already this offseason that included Luis Severino, Jorge Mateo and Clint Frazier. Talk about gutting a farm system but honestly, and this goes to show you how deep the Yankees system is right now, I would make that deal right now if offered.

Let’s face it, Quintana will cost a ton for whoever gets him but you have to look at what you’re getting back while mortgaging your future. Quintana has thrown more innings than every pitcher in MLB since 2013 with the exceptions of Corey Kluber, Chris Sale, RA Dickey and David Price. You’re buying a workhorse. Quintana is the only pitcher in the American League to throw 200 or more innings in each of the past four seasons but it’s more than him just eating innings. Quintana has thrown to a 3.29 ERA during that time while being an integral part of the Chicago White Sox starting rotation beside the likes of Chris Sale and Jeff Samardzija.

So who wins the sweepstakes and takes home the ultimate prize for the 2017 season and beyond? Here’s to hoping it is the Yankees but I’m all out of crystal balls so you’re just going to have to stay tuned. 


  1. Hmm it's gonna hurt to get him. I still think that the Pirates, Yankees and White Sox can work out a three team deal.

  2. Not a chance in hell would I do that deal.
    Quintana is a 50% winner, if healthy, a pitcher can go 200 innings a year and win only 50% of his win/loss record.
    Avg.......34 Starts a year, 10 wins and 10 losses, in 151 starts he has won 46 games while loosing 46 or winning only 1/3 of his games.
    Nope, not a chance!

    1. Eh, can't go by that, sir. He's a great pitcher. The white Sox sucked lol.

      But no trade now,please.

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    3. Just trying to lay out what we may have coming along right now! We have one or two pitchers that may be about as good as he is now.
      Why trade for what we already have and giving up what they want is a no, my thinking! Giving up the players they want is crazy.
      For less, maybe!

  3. No way. I personally think severino will be a successful #2 starter. Even if this is NOT the case, I think his floor is dellin betances in the bullpen.

    And Frazier is in AAA. It's not like we are talking about low A Charleston players. This is now, man. And realistically, sevs could be nasty within a couple years as a starter.

    1. And we're talking about a proven commodity for not only one or two seasons but we're instead talking about Quintana for potentially four more seasons.

      FYI I believe we only have five more years of Severino control through arbitration and such but I could be wrong. It's no more than six though depending on where his service time falls.

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