Friday, May 19, 2017

Will Curt Schilling Please Shut Up

As my very good friend and fellow owner of the site Bryan Van Dusen would say, Curt Schilling you’re a tool! Racism is still a thing here in the year 2017 and honestly it probably always will be. We can all hope for equality and try to do our part to grow towards it but there is always that one apple in the bunch that’s just going to ruin it for everyone. On top of that there’s always going to be that one that defends the rotten apple like an absolute freaking moron and that moron is named Curt Schilling.  

A few weeks back Adam Jones told reporters how he was heckled by a fan inside Boston’s Fenway Park with racial slurs and taunts prompting Boston to tighten security on the issue. Schilling, who is just an asshole in my opinion, has come out not once but now twice calling Jones a liar on the subject…. Like he has any reason to lie about this. 

Schilling was quoted as saying in an interview with the USA Today’s Bob Nightengale that “everybody is starving and hungry to sit in front of a camera and talk and be a social justice warrior.” Jones, in an interview with Yahoo Sports, pretty much said the same about Schilling’s need for attention saying “Schilling is over there with his ranks. He just wants an outlet. Somebody will take his call, take his rants. He can keep them for himself because he’s never experienced anything like I have.” Schilling responded to this and I am not even going to attempt to paraphrase or quote it in pieces. Here is the whole bit and frankly I hope it pisses you off as much as it pisses me off. 

“If he wants to maintain the lie he made here, that’s fine. No one denies racism exists, but when people like him lie about an incident and others just take him at his word, it perpetuates a mythical level of racism. And for some reason, it appears blacks believe only blacks can talk about racism and only whites can be racists. I promise you if some scumbag yelled the N-word at Adam Jones in Fenway, it would have been on Twitter, Facebook and every other social media site ASAP, like every other ‘incident.’ Not to mention the liberal Boston media would have broken its neck to identify the racist. But just taking him at his word means there are a bunch of white cowards and racists living here, because no one stood up to the guy. Adam has an agenda and one needs to only look at his past commentary on race and racism to see it. But see, when you question fake hate crimes in this day and age it somehow makes you a racist. If you use this use every word or none at all.” 

Curt Schilling…. Please shut up. You’re an ignorant asshole who just needs attention. What does Jones stand to gain by lying about this? He’s already one of the best and most recognizable faces in the sport. He doesn’t need friends, he doesn’t need attention and he damn sure doesn’t need the money. You do though and that’s why you’re going there. If people can’t see through that then all I have to say is shame on you both. And that’s my rant for the day. Enjoy the rest of your Friday. 

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  1. The real issue facing us all is not racial but ideological. We are all being played out as right wing ( the insensitive hard liners) versus the left wing( who "really" care).Mr Schilling who broke my heart when he beat the Yankees uses his fierce competiveness to expose the Big lie. Namely that we are all being played by the "owners" who play the Big game. Let's quit the losing game and really play ball. There is little to 0 racial issues in the game itself, the game of baseball. The elite media power players are always out to ruin chidlikeness of the " boys " game.Simply put lets "play ball" the wonderful game of baseball.


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