Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chase Headley May Breath A Little Easier, But...

With Gleyber Torres getting Tommy John surgery Chase Headley may be breathing a little bit easier, as it was being said by a number of people that the Yankees were likely to call up their top prospect sooner or later this season to take over third base.

"No, don't cry little buddy. Things can still work out this season."

In terms of fWAR, Headley is ranked 8th among AL third basemen. By the way, two of the guys behind him have hit 11 and 17 home runs to Chase's 4 (Todd Frazier and Ryon Healy), and another guy (Yunel Escobar) is ahead of Chase in batting average and slugging percentage (only .003 points behind in on-base percentage). So it's easy to see why the Yankees would want to at least try an upgrade.

But that doesn't mean that we, as Yanks fans, have to settle for Headley for the rest of the season. Because of the team's depth on the farm, there's another possible upgrade now sitting in Scranton... Miguel Andujar.

I know that I don't have to tell you guys about Andujar, but allow me to point out a few things...

  1. Andujar is almost two years older than Torres.
  2. Torres may have more time in AAA with 23 games, but Andujar played 107 more games at AA.
  3. In 32 games at AA Trenton Gleyber batted .273/.367/.496, while Miguel was batting .312/.342/.494 in 67 games in Trenton this season.
Therefore, as long as Chase Headley keeps being Chase Headley on offense and defense (he's also ranked 10th in UZR/150 among AL third basemen), and Miguel Andujar looks good in AAA, I could see Andujar taking over third base for the Yankees by August.

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