Wednesday, June 28, 2017

So it Seems Charlie Sheen is Selling Babe Ruth’s World Series Ring

Charlie Sheen is going to be winning here in a little while as the actor presumably has a large chunk of money headed his way. Sheen is the owner of a Babe Ruth 1927 World Series ring as well as the owner of the 1919 contract of Ruth’s sale from the Red Sox to the Yankees. Bidding closes on these items on Friday and you can see these items and bid on these items at

Ruth’s World Series ring, his first of four as a member of the Bronx Bombers, opened up for bid at $100,000 and as of Monday was going for more than five times that at $555,991. Winning, indeed. The copy of Ruth’s contract also started out at $100,000 and at last check was going for $379,749 as of Monday.

What could you do with nearly a million dollars? I could think of a few things. I’d spend every dime of it on you and your life together. Hey you. I love you Kari. 

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