Wednesday, June 7, 2017

So it Seems Hank Steinbrenner is Alive & Greedy

So boy does this post come across to me as a little bittersweet. Hank Steinbrenner, part owner of the New York Yankees and brother to Hal Steinbrenner, is still alive and kicking despite his apparent cigarette addiction and he is still greedy, just like his father. The Yankees used to be, in my words, greedy when it came to free agents and acquiring players hence the name The Greedy Pinstripes. They used to want them all and more times than not the team used to get their man too. New York could have three All-Star first baseman and would go after a fourth if they thought it would bring a World Series championship to the Bronx. Anyway, I’m babbling.

Steinbrenner was interviewed at the Trump Gold Links at Ferry Point in the Bronx after standing with “Hank’s Yanks.” Hanks Yanks are a youth baseball team that were attending Hank’s Yanks Golf Classic, which benefits the youth baseball teams. Anyway you didn’t click this article or read this far to read about that, you want to know why Hank is greedy. Let’s get to that. At the benefit Steinbrenner was quoted as saying when talking about the Yankees playoff chances this season:

“We’re greedy. We want to win this year. It would be great to win the championship this year. They’re playing great as a team. Of course we’re going to try and win it this year.”

Get Greedy. Win it all in 2017. Good morning everybody. Especially you. Hey you. 

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