Tuesday, June 27, 2017

So the Top Prospects Won’t Be Traded, But Who Will?

If history is any indicator of the future the New York Yankees will be reluctant to give up any of their top prospects at this year’s July 31st trading deadline. Now this is not to say that the Yankees will absolutely not trade any of Gleyber Torres (injured), Justus Sheffield, Clint Frazier or James Kaprielian (also injured) but I am saying that it seems unlikely is all. Brian Cashman has shown a reluctance and stated his reluctance to trade top prospects and the man who has to presumably sign off on any trade or acquisition, Hal Steinbrenner the Yankees principal owner, has shown a similar reluctance. So if the Yankees wont trade any of their top-tiered prospects who would they be willing to trade to fill one of the many holes the team has this season? Keep reading to find out.

Jorge Mateo was once considered to be the Yankees future starting shortstop in the Bronx. A Didi Gregorius trade later along with a suspension for Mateo’s attitude while in the midst of a down season and Mateo may be on the chopping block this July 31st trading deadline. Mateo, 21-years old, relies heavily on his speed but has surprisingly been stuck at High-A Tampa for more than a full season now. Maybe it is because he strikes out 30% of the time at the plate or maybe the Yankees are trying to send him a message. Either way Mateo has not fallen off that far to where he cannot fetch a useful player in a trade either by himself or as a part of a package.

To get something you have to give something and you usually get out what you put in. If the Yankees want to acquire a top notch starter this summer they may have to trade one of their many talented outfielders including Dustin Fowler. Fowler has been raking at Triple-A this season after breaking out in a huge way in 2016 and many believe the center fielder is now Major League ready. The Yankees obviously think so too as they allowed Fowler to bump Clint Frazier from center field to left field this season and Fowler has done nothing but return their confidence with hitting, defense and superb base running. Could he return the Yankees one final time this summer with a starting pitcher, a third baseman or a first baseman? In all likelihood, yes.

Finally, and I cannot believe I am saying this, the Yankees may decide they are willing to part with Chance Adams this summer. I personally would not involve him in 99% of deals that the Yankees will be offered this summer but I am probably much higher on him, as a fan of course, than some may be including the organization. With the emergence of Jordan Montgomery as a reliable MLB starter and the return of Luis Severino to dominance the Yankees just may use Adams to net the third baseman or another starter that they believe can lead the team to the playoffs and beyond. It’s unlikely, I admit that, but I can’t with clear conscience say that it’s out of the realm of possibility either. 

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