Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Could the Yankees Buy-Low on Kyle Schwarber Like They Did With Starlin Castro?

When the New York Yankees acquired Starlin Castro to be their second baseman from the Chicago Cubs there were more than a few upset Yankees fans among the ranks. Who could blame them? Some Yankees fans are still spoiled from the late George Steinbrenner who acquired the best of the best at any costs and Castro, at the time, was far from that. Castro was having trouble defensively and had fallen out of grace in Chicago due to lessened playing time and subsequent production shortcomings as well. Needless to say Castro has woken up since coming to New York and the deal acquiring him looks to be one of Brian Cashman’s best as we stand here today at the end of June which makes me wonder if Cashman couldn’t swindle the Cubs and Theo Epstein once again by buying low on 24-year old outfielder Kyle Schwarber.

Since Schwarber was demoted to Triple-A recently, and for good reason mind you, you have to wonder if the Cubs are at least considering moving the outfielder for something at this year’s July 31st trading deadline. Schwarber was hovering around the Mendoza line at the time of his demotion and although he was hitting for power he just wasn’t doing much else, period.

The Yankees have a first base problem with Greg Bird injured and Chris Carter stinking up the joint and the team may also need an outfielder in the coming years with the contracts of Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury coming off the books eventually so could the Yankees acquire Schwarber now not with the 2017 season in mind but maybe the 2018 season and beyond in their plans? It’s an interesting plan and proposition but obviously, like anything, it comes down to the price. The Yankees could use Schwarber as they continue to rebuild and the Cubs need pitching so theoretically these two teams could match up in a trade.

Here’s a trade proposal and this is purely based on my own mindset and speculation. Would the Yankees trade both Domingo German and Domingo Acevedo for Schwarber? I would. Would the Yankees do Chance Adams for Schwarber? I wouldn’t, but they might. More on him later. At this point all of this is just pure speculation but at the same time this is the time to dream. It’s the time of the July 31st trade deadline so you may as well dream big. Stay tuned.


  1. A 24 year-old DH? No thanks. I mean, perhaps if he only cost us a middle reliever, sure. But the Cubs have made it clear that it'll take a lot more than that to get him.

    Now, that could be posturing, as Schwarber looks to be a DH and the NL does not have that. But Kyle can play a little outfield, so who knows for sure?

    Speaking of the outfield, I don't believe the team needs an outfielder for the future. Judge, Hicks, Frazier, Rutherford, and Fowler make up young (Hicks is just 27) guys that can fill the OF. That doesn't include Ellsbury, who I don't see the Yankees getting rid of within the next couple of years.

    The combination of cost and not having a clear spot for him to fill tells me the Yankees should step back from Schwarber.

    1. Outfield, third base, first base. Whatever. Who knows what the team will need in 2018, which I pointed out was my intention in making the deal. 2018.

    2. I don't want to see a trade for Schwarber either. In fact, I don't really want to see a trade for anybody. I'll be the first to admit that I never expected the young Yankees to perform the way they have so far. I believed that they had a lot of talent, but it usually takes a while to develop. Players like Judge and Sanchez look like perennial all-stars. I kind of want to see more. I want Bird to come back and get the chance to perform. I want to see Chance Adams and Caleb Smith see what they can do. And I just read that Andujar is being called up. This team is young and talented. I think they should stay the course and promote from within.

  2. i would probably do broken prospect for broken prospect. matteo for schwarber, straight up. maybe one other piece. he's overweight and unathletic, vs. a prospect that has the speed tool. the only concern I have, is to add someone to first base. I know reed, aaron judge! but besides that, Mike Ford is not the answer.


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