Tuesday, June 27, 2017

So it Seems…. KARMA

Good morning everyone and Happy Tuesday. Let’s start the day out with a little bit of breakfast, coffee and a side of karma, shall we? Remember the British-born woman who admitted to blackmailing Yankees general manager Brian Cashman not too long ago? Well Louise Meanwell, 41-years old, is not in federal custody and is facing possible deportation. Whoops.

Meanwell claimed to be Cashman’s mistress before pleading guilty to grand larceny, extortion, perjury and criminal impersonation back in December of 2015.

Karma. More people need it. Maybe then there wouldn’t be so many assholes in the world.

But you, you are the farthest thing from one. You are the sweetest and most kind-hearted person I’ve ever had the HONOR of meeting, knowing and loving. Hey you. I love you.

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