Thursday, June 15, 2017

This Bird won't be flying again soon

According to Joe Girardi, Greg Bird is "still not right" and will see the doctor once again.

"No, kiddo, this is not a good thing."

When it comes to what they've done with the bat so far this season, Yankees' first basemen are second to last in Major League Baseball (fWAR of -1.0). So hearing that the team will be without a possible upgrade at first base stinks.

Luckily, while Yankee first basemen are second to last in MLB, overall the Yankees offense is number one (fWAR of 15.9). Which is the biggest reason why they are in first place in the AL East by two games.

That's not to say the pitching (#5 in MLB in fWAR) and fielding (#10 in fWAR) are not contributing factors. So please, if you're getting ready to write a scathing comment below, you can stop.

But seeing as how Bird may be out for a while longer, and there's no guarantee that he'd be that much better than Chris Carter (especially after a serious injury), I'm starting to think about first baseman that the Yankees may want to trade for.

I don't want to block Bird from getting a shot at being the Yankees' first baseman of the future, but at least for the rest of this season I don't want to keep seeing Chris Carter starting there over and over again.


  1. Totally agree - must be a better option than Carter

  2. Yup, there is...he is playing right field right now...that is, if he can play the infield.
    Why not let he and Bird play 1st, right field and DH(Judge) and 1st and DH (Bird)?


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