Thursday, June 15, 2017

Meet a Prospect: Glenn Otto

And let the arms race continue! With their fifth round pick the New York Yankees went back to the pitching well and took right-handed pitcher Glenn Otto out of Rice University. Otto was the Owl’s closer in 2017 although there are already rumblings of the Yankees taking Otto with the intention of converting him back to a starting pitcher a la Chance Adams. Either way Otto seems like he could be a fast mover through the Yankees system and a high-end arm for the organization so let’s hurry up and meet him. This is Meet a Prospect: The Glenn Otto Edition.

Otto was drafted 152nd overall in the fifth round after compiling 222 strikeouts in 172.1 innings as a member of the Rice Owls. Otto did miss time recently with a tired arm which is a cause for concern but after taking some time off he did return to a normal rotation without a second flare up leading the Yankees to believe that this is a non-issue. If I stood 6’5” and weighed 240 lbs. while throwing a 95-96 MPH fastball and a 12-to-6 curveball for Rice and Team USA I might have a tired arm too.

Otto completed the 2017 season with 17 saves which was the fourth highest total in the school’s history which also tied a former Yankees reliever David Aarsdma. Otto went on to earn Conference USA Tournament MVP as well recording two wins and a save helping Rice to their 23rd consecutive NCAA Regional.

Scouts see Otto as a potential starter down the line although he will have to work on that changeup that he rarely uses as a professional in order to do so as well as work on his command. Like most huge-framed pitchers Otto struggles to throw strikes from time-to-time but has plenty of time to work on things with the Yankees minor league development team. That’s if he signs of course.

So, unofficially of course, welcome to the organization and welcome to the family Glenn. We look forward to seeing that spike curveball in the Bronx real, real soon. 

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  1. On another subject Gerardi should not be sending Judge stealing and barreling into second. He is a huge man who is very important to the team Look at Mike Trout.


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