Tuesday, July 11, 2017

REPORT: White Sox Want Torres AND Frazier for Quintana

Oh, hey guys. Sorry for all that empty space, I didn’t know this thing was on and I have been dying laughing for the last 30 minutes after reading the report that the Chicago White Sox want not one but both of Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier for left-handed starter Jose Quintana. Yeah, no.

According to Jon Heyman the White Sox are “believed” to have asked New York for shortstop Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier in a trade for LHP Jose Quintana. Don’t get me wrong, Quintana may be worth two top prospects seeing as he has pitched well the last several seasons and is under team control on a team-friendly deal for a couple more seasons but I don’t think the Yankees should necessarily be the one to pay that kind of price.

Long story short, no. I would be reluctant to give up one of them for Quintana although I understand you have to give something to get something. I would definitely not give up them both. Not in any deal. Period.

What are your thoughts? Would you give up both Torres and Frazier for Quintana? Leave your thoughts below in the comments sections.


  1. No, thank you. I'd rather have Chance Adams in the rotation next year, with Gleyber and Clint in the lineup.

  2. They are asking high and hoping Cash settles at Rutherford, Adams, and Mateo.
    Rutherford is untouchable!!!!!
    Mateo and Adams would also be top prospects for most teams around baseball. The Yanks are loaded and shouldn't overpay.
    I would offer no more than Mateo and few other lesser prospects for a pitcher who can't make it past the fifth inning and is truly a mid rotation arm going forward. And I actually think Mateo has chance to be a real exciting player!

  3. I agree unocinco, and Scott. No way I am paying this for Quintana, lots of team control or not. I'd go as high as Mateo and Miguel Andujar. I would only include Andujar because he is seemingly blocked at third base by Gleyber Torres who is blocked at SS and 2B. The White Sox want to move Clint Frazier so it makes perfect sense for them in my opinion. Maybe throw in a pitcher like Jose Guzman or Albert Abreu and I would take Quintana any day of the week.

    If not, hard pass.

  4. There's no doubt that we need help in our rotation. Tanaka and Pineda are horribly inconsistent, and we don't know which version of Sabathia we're going to get back. Montgomery and Severino are the only reliable pitchers we have. If that's the case, is the price really too high? We could live with Andujar at 3b next season and wait for Machado to be a free agent. And we could live with an outfield of Judge, Hicks, and Fowler until Harper's a free agent and Rutherford develops. Just playing the Devil's Advocate here.

  5. Wait for Machado ok but, Harper is not a need...he would be a want!
    We have Frazier coming back and Rutherford in the wings plus a couple of other OF people that could play for other teams or, ours if we had the room for them.
    I think an outfield of Frazier, Judge, Hicks, Fowler, Rutherford, (and throw in Meteo) is enough for any team. I would LIKe to have a player such as Harper but, what is saying we don't already have one in the person of those five?
    Meteo is still a very very good player, he just has to get over the fact that he is playing with players that are as good or, better, than those he is use to playing against and he is not the star of the farm system anymore. Big Attitude adjustment is needed for him.


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