Tuesday, July 11, 2017

So it Seems… My Thoughts on the Yankees First Half

The New York Yankees didn’t exactly finish the first half of the season strong losing 15 of their last 26 games heading into the break. There is limping into the break and then there’s getting drug kicking and screaming into the break… and then there’s what the Yankees did. They were terrible but this can be turned around. There’s too much youth, aggression and talent not to.

The Yankees will be fine. They will either continue the youth movement if they feel too far out of contention and move contracts like Chase Headley and Brett Gardner or they will use a few prospects (Tyler Wade, Billy McKinney and Jorge Mateo most notably) to acquire what they feel the team needs to compete in 2017. I’m not ready to wave the white flag yet, not by a long shot.

Aaron Judge is awesome and Gary Sanchez hasn’t really fully awoken just yet. The best part is that there’s more reinforcements on the way from Triple-A. Clint Frazier was only the beginning. Wait until Chance Adams comes up. This is going to be a fun summer in Yankee-land, playoffs or not.

Stick to the plan and succeed. Hey you. I love you. Kari Ann Burch I love you.

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