Friday, July 28, 2017

So it Seems a Busy, Yet Productive, Weekend Lies Ahead

The title says it all. I have a busy, yet productive, weekend ahead of myself. School starts on August 4th down here in Georgia, which truly blows my mind as I can remember school not starting until the beginning of September when I was in New York, so school shopping will be done this weekend. I have two cars sitting in my driveway that are being sold this weekend. I’ll be moving soon and I plan on being proactive on my packing by packing up the stuff I don’t use or need right now this weekend. I have a whole slew of things to do and not enough hours to do it all but I will still peck away because as we learned this week failure is not an option. There’s no more remaining stagnant and there’s no more taking steps back. Only forward. No longer is there room for animosity and negativity, doubt or questions in my heart and in my mind. Nope, be gone.

I will also try and tune into as much of this series between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays because I truly think this series could be a make-or-break for both teams. I’m not saying that this could doom or propel a team in the standings after just three games (four games in the series but yesterday’s game is already in the books) but the confidence blow or gain from this series could be substantial. Plus it’s the final series before D-Day and the July 31st trading deadline on Monday so teams could really use this series to decide whether they are buying or selling before the deadline on Monday.

Either way it will be a fun, positive, busy and productive weekend and I hope everyone reading this has an equally fun, positive and productive weekend. Especially you. Hey you. Oh my God I love you. 

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