Friday, July 28, 2017

Does the Team Really Need Justin Wilson? Or Are They Just Being Greedy?

Back before the 2009 season The Greedy Pinstripes was formed, unofficially of course as the blog came many years later, during the offseason. If you remember the New York Yankees signing CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and AJ Burnett to hefty free agent contracts and you remember the acquisition of Nick Swisher from the Chicago White Sox for essentially peanuts in the grand scheme of things then you remember the World Series the team won that season as well. The team “got greedy” and even though I as a fan wanted more, the “Get Greedy” campaign begun when I clamored for a month for the team to sign Manny Ramirez to a free agent contract, the team reached its ultimate goal. Is the team about to get greedy again and buy up all the available bullpen arms at this year’s July 31st trading deadline? The team already acquired David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle, is Justin Wilson next? Also, does the team really need Justin Wilson?

Let’s answer the easy question first, no the team doesn’t necessarily need Wilson. Wilson would be joining a Yankees bullpen that already has Aroldis Chapman, Dellin Betances, Kahnle, Robertson, Adam Warren and Chad Green. Adding Wilson turns every game into essentially a four-or-five inning game, which is good, but also creates a huge logjam not only this season but for seasons to come, which isn’t necessarily good if you’re concerned with austerity.

Wilson does check a lot of boxes for the Yankees. He is just 29-years old so he is on the right side of 30 while he has also put up great numbers in 2017 as the setup man and closer for the Tigers. Wilson strikes out a ton of batters and maintains a WHIP under 1.00 consistently as a member of Detroit while also nailing down his first 12-of-14 save opportunities after taking over the job from Francisco Rodriguez in May. He’s a great pitcher, no one can deny that, but is he a need? I’m leaning towards no.

I am as greedy as they come when it comes to baseball and acquiring players so don’t take this as me not wanting New York to acquire him. It always has and always will come down to the price. If it costs a top ten prospect out of the Yankees system then I have to say no but if it costs a couple Low-A prospects that no one will ever blink an eye at then of course I want the Yankees to “Get Greedy, Get Justin Wilson.” Who wouldn’t?

Wilson is arbitration eligible for the 2018 season before reaching free agency before 2019. 

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