Wednesday, August 23, 2017

So it Seems… The Cry to Move Judge

Aaron Judge needs to move down in the batting order. Gary Sanchez probably does too. Bat DIdi Gregorius third, because Didi is probably your best hitter on the team and the third spot is reserved for your team’s best hitter, and go back to winning baseball games by lopsided score totals. It’s easy but why doesn’t Joe Girardi see it? Why doesn’t he do anything about it if he does see it? Is he scared to hurt egos? He didn’t seem scared to hurt the ego of Aroldis Chapman when he removed him from the closer’s role. Come on Girardi, do something.

Beating your head against the same wall every day in the same motion at the same time every single day and expecting a different result is loosely the definition of insanity. I added the bit about beating my head into the wall because that’s how Girardi makes me feel sometimes. Jesus Christ open your eyes and lead and MANAGE this team to a postseason slot. Stop letting talent override your bad decision making or move the hell on back to Miami.

I’m done with Joe Girardi. Can you tell? I apologize for starting the day off on a rant but I can only take so damn much sometimes. Good morning everyone. Especially you. Hey you. I love you!!

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