Friday, August 11, 2017

So it Seems…. The Hell w/ the Mets!!

I say this with the utmost respect and in a joking manner as a fan of the New York Yankees but seriously, the hell with the New York Mets. First the Yankees tried to acquire Lucas Duda before the July 31st trading deadline only for the Mets GM to refuse to trade him to the Yankees according to multiple reports and now we have reports that the Yankees weren’t even given a real shot at bidding on Jay Bruce. The Yankees were willing to give up two prospects to their crosstown rivals in exchange for Bruce and some salary relief yet the Mets, without giving the Yankees a chance for a counter-offer or proposal, traded the outfielder to the Indians for an A-Ball relief pitching prospect. Seems legit. Spiteful, but legit nonetheless.

I could rant and rave all morning long about the Mets, and if you haven’t grown up in New York then you likely don’t understand that it’s an unwritten rule that you have to only root for the Yankees or the Mets and there is no in between in most households, but then I just look at the standings and smile. Karma always wins. Oh and good morning everyone. Happy Friday.

Especially you my sweet Kari Ann. HEY YOU. I love you. Have a great weekend everybody. 

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