Monday, August 21, 2017

This Day In New York Yankees History 8/21: Another Boston Massacre

On this day in 2006 the Yankees held the second Boston Massacre when sweeping a five game series in Fenway Park burying the Red Sox that season. After the five game sweep, the first since 1943, the Sox found themselves 6.5 games behind in the AL East and four games behind in the wild card race.

Also On this day in 1931 Babe Ruth becomes the first player in Major League history to hit 600 career home runs.


  1. Yankees need to sit Hicks for he is not hitting and play Ellsbury who has strung together a good week.
    Change the batting order to something like this
    LF Gardner
    2B Torreyes ( hit and run with him)
    1B Headley
    SS DiDi
    RF Judge
    C Sanchez
    3B Frazier
    DH Austin
    CF Ellsbury ( Turn him lose and steal)

    Sanchez absolutely rakes hitting 5th and 6th , Headley and DiDi hitting .330 plus second half chances are one of them will be on base for Sanchez.
    Your number 2 hitter has to be a guy right now you use to hit and run and make contact to advance the runner.

  2. Also does anyone on the Yankees coaching staff smart enough to realize that Judge's decline started when Hicks in front of him quit hitting just before Hicks got hurt, Holiday quit hitting behind him and Castro got hurt.
    Easy fix if people in front of you are hutting and people behind you are hitting then you can be selective on your swings and not try to do it all.
    Can't understand why they don't see this.
    So Headley in front of him and Sanchez behind himand maybe move DiDi to three hole Headley in the 4 hole move Judge to tth and Sanchez to 6th until Castro returns.

  3. Having Headley hitting third is bold. Even if he is on a hot streak. The third place hitter is generally reserved for your best hitter, I'm not sure I am ready to say that that's Headley. I'd rather Didi hit third if anyone.


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