Sunday, September 3, 2017

2016 Article Revisit: Is This 1995 All Over Again? It May Be!

This article was written right at one year ago to the date asking the question of whether the 2016 version of the New York Yankees were like the 1995 Yankees who not only made the postseason as the Wild Card but also helped sparked a dynasty. As we sit here in 2017 asking the question of whether this version of the Yankees can be like the 1996 Yankees I thought now would be a good time to revisit this article and see just how much of a fortune teller I really am. Enjoy the article and what's left of this long weekend.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Is This 1995 All Over Again? It May Be!

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The New York Yankees just got done celebrating and honoring the 1996 edition of the Bronx Bombers that defied the odds all the way to the World Series last month and this month they could do some more honoring if the cards fall in the right place. See that 1996 team would have been nothing, strong words I know but they are my opinion only, without that 1995 season that scrapped and clawed its way to the first ever Wild Card spot in MLB and the American League. It was the push, the drive, the experience and some kid named Derek Jeter (Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera were on the Yankees in 1995) that led the 1996 Yankees to the World Series championship. It was youth, hunger and fire and we are seeing a lot of similarities in the team we see on the field today to that 1995 team. Could it be de ja vu all over again?

The 1995 Yankees were under the .500 mark at the All-Star break and many had suspicions of their first baseman Don Mattingly hanging it up at seasons end. Now while the Yankees were doing well heading into the break and hovering around the .500 mark the team was not meeting or exceeding expectations which led to a sell off of veterans and a youth movement in the Bronx. Mark Teixeira announced his retirement at season’s end and Alex Rodriguez rode off into the sunset as well but despite all the roster moves and “losses” the Yankees have continued to get better as the season has gone along. Just like the 1995 Yankees did.

The 1995 Yankees entered September five games out of the Wild Card with 32 games remaining but Buck Showalter and company were up to the task. The Yankees won 25 of their remaining 32 games that month and clinched the Wild Card with 24-year old Andy Pettitte leading the pitching staff along with key veterans and an absolute ton of youth.

The Yankees probability of making the postseason were low that season and the team simply refused to quit and refused to lie down without a fight. They slugged their way, clawed their way and pitched their way to the postseason much like these Yankees today led by Gary Sanchez, Didi Gregorius and so many others are doing today. I’m not saying they will run the gauntlet and come out on the other side again in 2016 much like they did in 1995 but I have a feeling manager Joe Girardi and his crew won’t go down without at least letting the other 19 teams (slight exaggeration) in the AL East and 2nd Wild Card hunts know that they’ve been in a fight.

Let’s go boys, let’s get this done.

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