Friday, September 22, 2017

How to Draft for Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a great game to play for NFL fans. Fantasy football works by drafting a team of players at different positions. Each week, a player will score points based on how many yards or touchdowns they have in a game. The people who drafted the players will accumulate these points with a total. Depending on who they are matched up against, they may win or lose.

Fantasy football started over ten years ago as a small fringe of people who played on a regular basis. However, it has turned into one of the biggest aspects of the NFL season. Here are some tips on drafting a great fantasy football team and increasing your odds of success.
Do Your Homework

Perhaps the biggest mistake that new fantasy football players make is a lack of preparation. In order to have a good draft, you have to plan ahead. Many people make the mistake of drafting a player that they like. This is not the best strategy if you want to build a great team.

You should know what number you are picking in the first round. With that knowledge, you should already have one or two guys who you know you want on your team. The first round is the most important because that is your key player throughout the year. Make sure to draft someone who has a history of completing an entire season. Some players put up great stats when they are healthy, but they miss a ton of games based off of their injury history.
Do Not Panic

There are going to be times in your
fantasy football draft when your plans do not work. Someone is going to draft the quarterback you really wanted, and then you will have to start making tweaks to your plan. The best advice for successful drafting is to stay calm. Many people struggle to stay calm because they want to draft the best team possible. The decisions that separate the average teams from the elite teams come into play later in the draft. This is where you find the best value players from your team.
Throw Away Bias

Most fantasy football players have a favorite NFL team. When drafting for your team, make sure to take away any bias you may have. It is never a good idea to fill your team full of your favorite players. Not only will this be difficult on the bye weeks during the season, but it also clouds your judgement. Instead, draft players based on how you think they are going to perform in the upcoming season.

Waiver Wire

Some people wrongly assume that they are done with building their team once the draft is over. However, you need to look at the waiver wire throughout the year in order to grab quality players.

There are many people who do not spend enough time on this aspect of the game. Finding a great rookie or breakout player can make a huge difference in the points you score during the season.

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