Tuesday, September 26, 2017

So it Seems… Don’t Be Content w/ the Wild Card

Good morning everyone, I hope everyone reading this is safe, happy and well this morning. Over the weekend as we all saw and witnessed the New York Yankees clinched their first playoff appearance since the 2015 AL Wild Card Game, a loss to Dallas Keuchel and the Houston Astros, with a victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. The Yankees players celebrated inside the Rogers Centre clubhouse, and they should have, after clinching the spot but I truly hope the team isn’t about to get complacent now that the playoffs are a guarantee in the Bronx. I truly hope this team is not content with the Wild Card and I truly hope this team still has that pesky Boston Red Sox team lined up down their sights no matter what the standings and mathematicians say.

Don’t get me wrong I am ecstatic to see the Yankees in the postseason in 2017, I’m a fan and I predicted it to happen when many didn’t, but I go back to the word complacent. I don’t want to see the Yankees getting complacent now that they are in the postseason. This isn’t the time to let up, not even a little bit, but this is the time to push harder than you have all season long. Not always does the best team necessarily win their respective pennants and the World Series but sometimes it is merely the hottest or deepest team at that time, let that be the Yankees here in 2017.

I will fall short of saying World Series or bust for this team but I have to admit I’ll be a little disappointed if the team has to settle for a Wild Card berth, and a lot disappointed if they don’t win the Wild Card Playoff round. I would personally use that disappointment and play like I have a chip on my shoulder but hey, that’s just me. Enjoy the day everyone and let’s start off another series win tonight in the Bronx against the Tampa Bay Rays. Go Yankees!

And hey you, don’t think I could ever forget about you. I loves you!!!

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  1. Yankees have the potential to win the World Series they also have the potential to lay an egg.
    Pitchers Sonny Gray and Hiro can be going a long and all of a sudden give up homeruns.
    CC can be pitching great and then all of a sudden can not get anyone out due to his ineffectiveness and Girardi failure to pull him before the bad inning starts which usually shows a little problem the inning before.
    Then there is this high octane offense which shows a tendacy to score runs in bunches in one game and can't get a hit the next due to those upper cut swings ( see Sir DiDi) and Sanchez so intent of hitting a homer that he swings at pitches that aren't even close.In fact he makes Judge's worse k's look good.
    Any day game that Sevy starts could be trouble , he has a plus 4 ERA in day games compared to low 2 in night games.
    Garcia and Shrieve should be nowhere near this playoff roster.
    In fact the only relievers you need are Kahnle, Warren, Green, DRob, Betances and Chapman.
    Sevy, Gray, Tanaka, CC and Jordy .
    11 pitchers
    Sanchez and Romine
    2 Catchers
    Bird , Castro, Gregorious, Frazier , Headley, Torreyes, Austin
    7 Infielders
    Gardy, Ells, Judge, Holiday, Hicks
    5 Outfielders

    ***** Maybe Clint Frazier instead of Austin


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